Sunday, 17 May 2009

dead birds

are not a very nice thing. i keep on seeing them.

ewww. rank. if you have wings use them.

today I saw one get hit by a train. not the nicest thing when you havent slept and have had to get a coach for 4 hours - Toddla T album launch in Sheff last night (via the market bar in nottingham), got stranded and home was definitely the best shout. DIFFERENT crowd last night.

:( got a few handfuls of film to process and no ££. til then here's something a bit nicer to look at. needs to be seen large.



Beefcake said...

I saw a run-over car on road last night...not cool

tom.sansome said...

that dog and squirrel haha.
lightening quick reaction from yourself.

Elle Bee said...

hahaha that squirrel is too much

bonnie said...

a run over car? how the.
glad you like... tho i'm not gonna pretend, the dog and squirrel were like that for a good 3 mins which was kind of why it was so jokes