Friday, 29 February 2008

Billboard baby

The Undefeated/Nike billboard above the Undefeated store on La Brea, Los Angeles has gotten a make-over these past days. The new billboard off course got a Dunk related design, since Nike is celebrating the shoe this year. In comparison to the designs predecessors it aint weighting up. They didn't even do a imaginative Dunk spin off or something or that sort....

Thursday, 28 February 2008

It's gotta be the shoes

"Do you know?, Do you know?, Do you know?"

A kind of Bounty never marked by a X

The Hyphy Bus

Best single piece of clothing this side of the Roman invasion has to go to Heron Preston. Hyphy Bus?!?!?! Like whaaaaaaaaaattt? This garment is truely legendary and not only that but is also a piece of Hyphy history... (Bet they didnt teach you that in school eh kids?)

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Neckface - Return of the masked avenger

Neck Face's images are violent, scratchy and bloody, with one foot in heavy metal and the other in bathroom graffiti. Neck Face made his name on the streets of San Francisco and later New York, scrawling his name like a dripping swear word as opposed to a graffiti tag or mural.

Later, aphorisms – “Smile Now, Cry Later”, “Crack Pipe for Sale!” and a devilish face would join his name. My description of this masked avenger would be a bastard child of metal, skate and a youth spent watching too much Freddie Kruger, so theres no surprise he admits to "like seeing people laugh at my violent pieces, then they look around and wonder if it’s wrong to laugh at it". Despite any bad words people might have to say about him, he has gone onto to gain international recognition and boast exhibitions spanning the globe.

These are two videos i found that give some kind of insight into the person behind the mask. Its interesting to see Neckface's 'I dont give a fuck' attitude and to see the wall he draws all his different inspirations from.

Monday, 25 February 2008

Sunday, 24 February 2008

The Backdoor book

Approximately two years ago, A-Ron from the brand aNYthing, started the aNYthing Glob (currently known as the The New York Glob) which was A-Ron's voice to the world. For his blog, he would take photos of guests, including prominent artists, musicians and friends, by the aNYthing office back door. A-Ron has now compiled these pictures within one Back Door book. If you have followed A-Ron's blog from the start, this book will definitely bring back some memories.

I'm not sure what i think about the book in all honesty... I feel blasphemous to doubt anything produced under the hand of saint A-Ron but despite this the book really boils down to little more than a face clock. My respect for A-Ron has always stemmed from the fact that he is still as grass roots and down to earth as he was before his rise to infamy and success. However this book seems to slap that principle in the face as it acts as an egotistical enshrinement to "known faces".

On the flip side, i have to admit i would no doubt be interested in checking out the characters that have dropped by the aNYthing office. I also find the evolution of the back door's appearance itself interesting.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

10 Deep skate team

Thats just how we gets down...

Up your 40 oz game. Its more than a drink, its a culture...

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Family Tree

Jordan brand family tree. From granddaddy 1 to great grandson 23

Buy my love

Insa opened his latest exhibition last weekend at the Recoat Gallery in Glasgow. His new works come in purple/gold, rather than the obligatory pink but ofcourse the iconic heels all-over design remains as well as his sneakers and women.

Overall his stuff is still looking as amazing as ever. I'm just sad i wont get time to give Glasgow and its heroin infested roads a visit becuase you can usually pick up some limited a.k.a soon to be stupidly valuable, items at Insa exhibitions.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Get your head in gear son!

In the future your only gunna peep me in two types of headgear.

The first being corduroy fitteds, primarily courtesy of King Stampede

And the second being, this style of headgear. Especially so if they are plastered with patchwork! Props to Futura

"I met a girl at Jaguar shoes"

Djs were doing the place more than Justice. Bassline and Grime instrumentals were served by the ounce before a healthy serving of jackin / electro house.... What more could a brother ask for?

All i will say on that little message courtesy of 'Yo Mama' is, "How they gunna do you like that Lexington". Steel ain't your second name for nothing and i ain't talking firearms homie!

This guy below is none other than a chef specialising in Indian cuisine working in Bournemouth. We sent a couple pence his way for a few shots and proceeded to ask him how near he is to the next dime bag. His story definitely wasn't flawless (mainly due to the fact he was on LONDON streets at 4am asking for change, which for me dosnt quite add up to cooking curries in Bournemouth) but give credit to a fiend for having the initiative to create a false identity in order to encourage donations!

The night was ended with "paper" pasta and bolongnaise for most, or simply some nearly melted wholegrain cheese for others!


Had some fun yesterday with body limbs and my scanner. The hands came out looking a bit 3D graphic for some reason. Excuse the finger prints...

Excuse the pun

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Out and About

Attended the trapstar/TMI/etc (after)party on curtain road tonight. Hold tite the Trapstar gang and 5star for hooking up the invites. Technical difficulties set back the skank for a hot minute but the music was generally on a high par. The crowd was of a high calibre, nothing less than you would expect for a invite only event with the likes of Trapstar and TMI responsible for organising it. There was offcourse the mandatory retro kids and rope chain representers but the one bassline tune made up for any grievances. Heres the shots i managed to capture. Enjoy!

Holdtite man like Retch. New member of the skank team!

The Cool Kids showed up this time which was a bonus. They played out their limited amount of tunes for offer. Good performance despite the fact they need to up the quantity

Heres a quick video of the Cool Kids in action, courtesy of 'Rebelle without a pause'

Big up my spiritual massive. Have fun in Nepal brother.

And there was you thinking Oscar didn't get no action.... Sesame street ain't nuttin but a pussy magnet holmes...

Original Dalston dancer

Watch out for this dude! He has homo erotic tendencies despite the fact he may offer you special offers. He is the boss! Represent!