Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Suits you sir

If i was a better person i would loose the whole slack and bag and gain myself some fit. The trials and tribulations of becoming a fully fledged man eh?

This picture provides a limited glance at some of the upcoming Fred Perry x Comme des Garcons collaboration. I'm sure they have colaberated before (correct me if I'm wrong) and I'm equally sure the outcome was something similar to this (again, correct a brother if hes wrong).

Would appreciate some opinions. I can understand these may not be for everyone but open your mind and try to empathise kids...

I'm trying to utilise the comment function of the blog more as i go on. I want to hear what the readers (If there are any....) think about the contents of my posts becuase im equally as interested in other peoples opinions as i am in my own (although it may not seem so).


milesdell said...

Fred Perry have been doing stuff with CDG for quite a while now, they've done some of the more interesting colourways of the polos and stuff. I've started rocking the polos a bit more now, best worn with a set of low profile trainers, high tops can ruin that shit. In my opinion. New logo is lookin nice as well bruv, do it yourself?

Retch said...

both quality labels but those particular pieces totally SWAGGGGGG [colourwise]