Sunday, 30 August 2009

Norman Jay

Went down to see my first Good Times show at Ivans retreat last night, Norman played a pretty randy set and despite the borrowed funktion 1 soundsystem from Plan B, the sound still sucked a little.

My first 'multi exposure' which happened by accident but I still kinda like

flashgun so necessary in my life atm

Monday, 24 August 2009

The Motherfucking Gaslamp Killer

I love this guy, went to see him at FWD last night. Didn't use flash as the ladies from FWD scare me enough anyway and I didn't want to distract the bigman. First pic by me, the second by Bonnie.

oneman b2b brackles mix from toddla's radio 1 show

in new DJ's we trust, undoubtedly.

click pic for link bonehed.

Martin Kemp - After the Night
Doc Daneeka - Deadly Rhythm
Emvee - Groove On (Wireblock)
R1 Ryders - Rubberband
DVA - Jelly Roll
Bok Bok - Ripe Banana (Dress 2 Sweat)
Zed Bias - Neighbourhood (Zed Bias 09 Mix)
Rossi B & Luca - E10 Riddim
DVA - Nasty Nasty Nasty (Roska remix)
Geeneus feat. Katy B - As I (Skepta remix) (Rinse)
Crystal Fighters - I Love London (Brackles remix)
Gemmy - Rainbow Road (Planet Mu)
Zomby - Godzilla (Ramp Recordings)
Numan - Secrets (Unsigned)
Guido - Beautiful Complication (Punch Drunk)
Untold - Don't Know Don't Care
Desto - Broken Memory (Ramp Recordings)

amy's back.

V of all places though. Really?

Sunday, 23 August 2009

deadly rhythm @ the legion

queue said it all from the start

nice set from nick tomb crew to warm everyone up

followed by oneman/brackles b2b. sky high standard as always.

then some mentalist....

... that everyone went bonkers for.

things got a bit heated.

REALLY heated for some**.

"fuck-tion 1" wasnt ready.

some people got really excited,

and for others it was all a bit too much.

WOW is all i can say. that was an experience. (got shouted at in the kebab shop and all..) if you missed out tonight (last night?) make sure you catch the gaslamp killer tomorrow (tonight?) at fwd @plastic people. if you haven't seen oneman or brackles yet you should just hate your life.

**thanks miles for the flash lend :)... always need a guiding hand when working digi but i think i caught the essence of the night ok.

&pat on the back for me for posting so quickly.


Friday, 21 August 2009


Is easily my favourite yet, some great photography, a lot of cut & sew and some cool graphic work by Arik Roper

Thursday, 20 August 2009


Thats right, I stayed in the most ridiculously named town in all of France and it was great, it smelt of vanilla and biscuits. The first two pictures are from elsewhere, a town near calais.

^ Lizzie's dead ringer

Sunday, 9 August 2009

future 25

So the NME released its second future 50 this week, with Animal Collective getting the top spot and the xx, pop justice and lady gaga(?) all getting nods among some fairly obvious choices (little boots and la roux)... I cant remember which blog it was (annoyingly) but I read someone elses top 50, intended to run along side the NME's selections, without picking any of the NME's 50, and decided to do my own, except I've just done 25. In no particular order, I present my future 25

Is Tropical - Who thought that Ratty Rat Rat would come back in a new guise and blow everyones minds? Well I guess a few people, but that doesn't detract from the fact that Is Tropical are dropping jaws all over London (just check how many gigs they've been given in their short time together) and with Seasick Mutiny may have well written the summer hit of 2010.

Girlcore - A monthly themed party in one of Shoreditch's smallest venues that has an extra 50 people cueing outside every last Thursday of the month. Always free, always with 100% effort put into decoration, and no sign of selling out any day soon. And they won this years soundclash. Boom.

Hostage - Glasgow bas(s)ed Hostage simply produces some of the most ridiculously bass-heavy hard-hitting electro currently doing the rounds. Listening to one of his tracks has the same effect on you as walking down Sauchiehall Street on a Saturday night shouting about how Rangers suck and England basically owns Scotland. He also seems to distribute his songs as soon as they're done at 320kbs and completely free.

Renaissance Man - Curb Crawler blogger and incredible producer with an enviably high-standard of turn out. His remix of Crystal Fighters 'Xtatic Truth' is a perfect example of how to re-work a song into an even more massive tune without just laying a huge bassline underneath it.

Discodust - Doing all your listening for you, discodust filters the rubbish leaving you with just the cream of the crop of new Disco, Electro, Techno and beyond.

TheHype.FM - An incredible Brooklyn-based project, 24 hour internet-broadcast radio station with shows donated from some of the world most well respected bloggers and beyond. With shows coming in from Australia, Africa, America and all the countries that don't begin with A, there is no better place to discover new music and hear intelligent chat.

Joe and Will Ask? - So I might be a bit biased, but Joe and Will's productions never fail to amaze me, watch out for their Grum remix coming soon, they are going to own every dance tent at every festival in 2010.

Belfast - I'm not going to lie, I'm not a big fan of Belfast as a city. I have however travelled there 3 times in the last year with work and with the exception of Dundee, have never been more amazed with the musical talent and public support of new music coming from a fairly small place. My favorite locals are Two Door Cinema club, who's debut single came out on Kitsune at the start of the year.

Real Gold - although the last few months have seen a lack of major Real Gold party happenings, things are still bubbling away at Real Gold towers. Keep an eye out for Fun Magazine.

Throwawayfuck - is just good. - Legal and Free MP3's every day from some cool labels such as Dim Mak, Modular, Fools Gold and Warp.

Crystal Fighters - 'Xtatic Truth' has propelled them into the minds of the public via national radio and press coverage, I for one can't wait to see how far one of East London's nicest bands can go. 

Dollop - Stepping up their game to an extremely ambitious and extremely well executed party at the ICA showed how far these crowd-pulling promoters can go. Hardworking and genuinely passionate, other recent projects have included Count and Sindens MEGAMEGAMEGA nights and Standon Calling. Oh, and did I mention they RUN Nottingham?

Dalston Superstore - The people behind Discoblood Bath and Trailer Trash join forces to buy and run a venue in Dalston? The Result? The best venue in East London.

Darling Dept - The Press/PR Company that are the reason 90% of people have heard about the following people - Little Boots, Fever Ray, Booka Shade, Crystal Stilts, Jesse Rose, MSTRKRFT, L-Vis 1990, We Have Band, Yuksek and countless countless more...

Mixed in Key - An extremely useful piece of software that tells you what key your songs are in for DJing with a laptop. 5 stars.

CDX / Cocktail - In the next 3 months you are going to be talking about buying a cocktail and not mean a drink. CDX and Cocktail are the 2 new online formats that you will be able to buy albums in. CDX has been created and developed by a unique collaboration between all 4 major labels, where as Cocktail has been created directly to rival it by Apple. One will be the Betamax of 2010, one will reign supreme as VHS.

Everything Everything - Massively underrated musical geniuses who also made themselves one of my favourite music videos.

Toddla T - Um... hello massive album? hello fabric live cd? hello his own radio 1 show? Huge times ahead. Its a lot.

Tron 2 - Daft Punk are doing the soundtrack.

Pulse Films - The current go-to-people in music television. Having just finished filming both Take That's Wembley Stadium gigs and Blur's reunion shows, as well as a bunch of your favourite music videos (we'll forget about Basshunter, but did you SEE the Franz Ferdinand come back video?), there seems to be no-stopping this ever expanding and hugely creative production company. Giorgio Testi is my favourite new music video director by a million miles.

Filthy Boy - Dark tales of stale marriages and bitter heartache backed by huge brooding riffs and epic hooks and choruses that leave you on your hands and knees crying for more? Must be some 16 year olds from Peckham.

Brooklyn - undeinably the coolest city in the world, a huge revival in scuzzy off beat garage rock and endless new music projects happening and art spaces and venues opening should be keeping Brooklyn on-top for a few more years to come.

Off Modern - Somehow constantly managing to provide something fresh an exciting to an already over populated market of promoters, Off Moderns 5 day festival at the Vibe Bar at the end of August, and their return to Corsica in October, look set to be 2 of the highlights of the year.

Tek One / A1 Bassline - Somehow rapidly dated-looking Partyshank morphed into A1 Bassline and Tek One, that being one of the most hyped and respected-by-the-kids DJs currently doing the round (with a sensible dollar hat on selling a shit load of t-shirts) and undeinably the most exciting new live electronic music project currently in the UK. Good Job.

Who did I miss? Leave a comment.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

soundtrack to yr life

out this Monday 10th August 2009; Beatport Exclusive .

Then general release date 7th September 2009

also, listen out for the UK version which is on Herve's new Cheap Thrills Compilation.


kisses for my mrs :) xoxo

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

pon de floor

Major Lazer "Pon De Floor" from Eric Wareheim on Vimeo.

The director's entire brief for this video was “Wayne’s World in the future fighting Predator”, he went away and made one of the best videos ever.

Whats my age again?

On Sunday I took my sister to underage festival and surprisingly got in! although whilst walking around I had children pointing and saying I looked to old to be there, it was like primary school all over again

Ended up in the topman tent to watch caspa, rusko and plastician only to meet my sister again who was bewildered that her "geek of a big brother" was listening to this "new cool, crazy sounding music" (she later asked me to put some plastecine man on her ipod), despite receiving numerous requests to go around taking pictures of attention seeking kids, the uncle nonce look was grating so I decided to bop. Although I did see Effy from skins and OMG....

Then went to my friends birthday party, where she had bands playing and all the usual birthday party goodness vibes going and despite missing another banging FWDit was great.

The last 2 pictures are of a wonderful new band called panda obscura, I suggest you check them here