Monday, 29 September 2008

Nail The Cross

So after blowing the soundsystem at the Tavern and moving Loefah, Benga and Tomb crew over the the Union for the sake of Bass it turned out to be a very cool night. I would have uploaded the pictures yesterday but I slept solidly; only to wake up and make breakfast, lunch and dinner within a couple of hours and do maths homework. I have never been so stressed, tired and frustrated, so erm until next year...

Sunday, 28 September 2008

The things that tourists waste money on

And so I am just finding my feet here in BCN finally after two painfully lonely first weeks. The feet that I have found go by the name of Ryan´s Irish pub, calle Paradiso and calle Ample, where all the young ex-pats from the English speaking world dwell. Yours truly has lived up to the great British stereotype and saturated herself three days on the trot with the fizzy, yellow liquid gold (with a shot of lime cordial) that we all know and love, and now sports a beer gut any Andy would be proud of!

But LDN for life!

Friday, 26 September 2008

Saturday Night

We're going to be hosting the Goldsmiths Tavern-Benga, Loefah, Oneman, Tomb Crew
tickets can be bought from Hobgoblin tomorrow.

Buy tickets here

Kosher man vibes

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Sunday night right...

Old Blue. Free. Funny. Sunday.

Little Duke

What? you've never seen a kid in charge of a vessel of this calliber? Well get with the times sweetheart, I'm the mutha fuckin Little Duke, and if you're still stupid enough to mess with me then my big sister will kick the living shit out of you.

come to this tonight yeah?

Wednesday, 24 September 2008


I didnt get any pictures last night as it got pretty messy, pretty quickly. My Mash dvd also hasn't arrived yet, BUT I did find this video of the boys at Mash making a little trip down to Austin, riding with Lance Armstrong and showing the good people of Texas what cadence is all about.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Happy Birthday Beefcake!

Beefcake finally turns of age!! Accrobeau is now a fully adult team. Barstory tonight for celebrations!

Monday, 22 September 2008

Matthew the Horse

I love Thursdays in east London, is it possible to walk around and not end up in a "private" view with free beers? Probabbly not. What makes Thursday's in east London even better, is when you know that someone GOOD is having a private view, so you can enjoy the free beers AND the art... bonus.

So this Thursday at Jaguar Shoes on Kingsland Road, Matthew the Horse is having an exhibition of his drawings which are getting about a bit at the moment. It should be a laugh, I will see you there. 


I love popjustice for many reasons, but I love them mostly right now for bringing this video into my life. They said "Our favourite bit is the bit where he's just eating his breakfast and listening to the song about himself that he wrote." good point.


Someone else posted my secret into postsecret, i'm going to have to think of another one now for when I actually get round to sending one in. (it's not this one by the way ha)

Put A Donk On It

This always cheers me up on a Monday morning...

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Original faker

Can someone kindly explain to me why KAWS is allowed to rip off cartoons by drawing them dead, and get so much hype and the right to an exhibition (nicely entitiled Saturated because I am of his copycat shit) and a brand (also aptly entitled Original Fake)? Please don´t tell me it´s irony. You can´t pass off straight up copying plus a couple of crosses and a bone here and there as being ironic and therefore good. I just don´t get or feel it.

But I can´t lie though, I do still like this t-shirt. Although it would be better without that boring, same old KAWS dumb, dead worm.


Saturday, 20 September 2008

Russ Tannen Radio

Someone somewhere thought it'd be a good idea to let me and my mate Alison have a radio show. So next Saturday afternoon and again in October we'll be playing some tunes and talking rubbish on the airwaves, great news if you either live in Glasgow (where it is broadcast) or you have the internet (which I guess you do if you're reading this)...


That RAD night at Redstar

When noone went in and my area got absolutely pillaged by 13 year old children. not a big look.


Domino Records are releasing "Hardcore Girls" by the Count and Sinden on October 13th. On the press sheet it says things like "nothing short of devastating" and describes one of the tracks as "pop music for the now and tomorrow", great. Either way there is going to be this happening, and I expect it's where Crookers was last night, and it was pretty sick in there. Also on the 11th I'm DJing at the macbeth, so that first then this yeah....

Friday, 19 September 2008

Urban Pinups

Urban pinups tried it.

Only In Russia

At least its a police state

Vice what?
for full series check

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Cool it now

New Edition-Cool It Now

New Edition - Mr. Telephone Man

New Edition - Candy Girl


did anyone else forget?

Why is it that during the Olympics we are totally bombarded with every result we get in every ridiculous made up sport? Maybe I havent been paying enough attention to the news, but it completely passed me by that the Para-Olympics have just happened, and we came SECOND. That's right, we even beat the United States. Well done our Para-Olympic team! Hopefully in 4 years time we'll pay just as much attention to the Para games, which in many ways are more inspiring and/or fun to watch anyway.

Joe and Will Ask?

Joe and Will have just put up three freshly sliced slabs of electro genius on their myspace. Enjoy.

Endz Crep

Of course the trademark INSA fetish heels have finally materialised in editions Chelsea, Hackney and LEWISHAM, which are these ones right here. Only 100 are being sold so bag `em soon if you plan to, because some sizes are sold out already.

I don´t like them but I´m happy that my borough and my area are represented in crep!

Richardson x Obama

Hate to go against the grain, but I find Terry Richardson slightly tedious. I do like these photos though. Obama is an undisputed modern day icon in both in the political and fash world.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

This Thursday / Next Friday

So this Thursday (tomorrow) Dead Kids, Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man and David E Sugar are all playing at the Macbeth... I owe Mike a favor so come on down and support the 'Kids.

Next Friday is Dilly's birthday at the Redstar in Camberwell. Man Like Me, the Rats, Tomb Crew... yeah it's gunna be big. I'm even going to go south of the river for it. seriously. ha.


The lowdown:

Here in Barcelona they don´t speak Spanish like you all thought... they speak Catalan. It`s like Portuguese meets French meets Spanish. I understand fuck all that anyone says to me.

Barcelona is in a region called Catalonia... There is political graffiti all over the city for the fight for independence of this region from Spain. A lot of them don´t speak Spanish and don´t feel Spanish.

Others refuse to speak Catalan and only respond to Castilian (the Spanish we are taught at school). They don`t want independence. There is tension between these two sides.

In Barcelona everyone insists on having a tiny, little, fluffy dolly dog and putting clips and bows in their hair.

The clubs open at midnight or 1am here... When they go out, they don`t plan to come back until daybreak.

Here in Barcelona there are doting Dad´s everywhere walking their children, collecting them from school, playing in the parks with them or walking around with a kid strapped to their chests. It´s something to be seen!

In Spain they have no card shops like Clintons because it is not a tradition to send cards on Birthdays or other special occasions.

There is a huge skate and graffiti culture in Barcelona. The port and sea front are designed in a way so that there are lots of slopes and smooth surfaces. There are always people long boarding and roller blading too.

I love Barcelona