Saturday, 6 September 2008

Found Photos

Doing that last post I searched Sam Walker on Google Image and it came out with a polaroid of some guy holding a massive dead fish,well it turns out that there is a whole site of them. Now there is always something quite awesome about found polaroids, but for me a whole bunch of polaroids of red-neck Americans holding massive dead fish in the 90's is off the scale. Check out this first one (above) for example, so Tommy has put his daughters name on the photo as if she had just caught her first fish, that is almost as big as her, also her name is LEAThA?

It's all about the shorts in these last two. Now Buddy HEArd has a pretty good look going on, but Debbie Lee was obviously the worst mother ever. She has completely failed to realise that her son (left of shot) is getting bullied massively for being both fat AND wearing glasses, as she has felt the need to take him FISHING in fluo-pink shorts. ouch.


bonnie said...

blog addict. you'd make lidia proud!
and no tv appearances as of yes, just hollyoaks omnibus yesssssssssss

Russ Tannen said...

ah never mind, i'm sure its on this weekend at some point? maybe next week. who knows, not me.

Big Ron said...

Hilrarious! Welcome.

Elle Bee said...

i love these picture! nice work russ

Elle Bee said...

yes im proud!