Monday, 15 September 2008

Less Money, More Grief

The Metros album is out today... Saul owes me money so if you buy it you'll basically be helping me out, and giving 1965 records money so they can spend more on Toddla T's album. I definatley MC'd for Toddla last night. not even joking. can you imagine? Yes Brick Lane music festival.


L B said...

oh dear gosh

Anonymous said...

hahahaha you with toddla made my night russle. fun fun fun.

Russ Tannen said...


Abi said... forgot to mention your dancing hahahahha...oh dear russ
i cant really say anything though to be fair i was wacking the ceiling and going "ooooooo dun kno" everytime the mc said emo...which was waaaay too often - oh dear abi xx