Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy New Years Eve

My day started with waking up at 8.30 to go swimming and realising that there are some freaks out there who do these sorts of things. Tonight we're doing a party at catch with Snap Crackle and Pop. £7 before 12, £10 after

Tuesday, 30 December 2008


Earlier this month I was introduced to lecool with a bang by way of their christmas party, BCN, which went down on a floor of a hotel "for couples". Think jacuzzi tubs and mirrors on ceilings, poster beds and soft porn, room bills being payed by the hour and not by the night- times that by free drink and heavyweight dj sets and a makeshift dancefloor.

Should you be travelling to one of the following cities in '09:...

Madrid, Lisbon, Amsterdam, London, Istanbul, Milan, Rome, Barcelona may be worthwhile checking out the lecool city guidebooks or their weekly, online city guides which claim to "filter out the best exhibitions, movies, concerts & DJs as well as a careful selection of extraordinary bars, restaurants and other fine places".

Whilst not all of the things they suggest take my fancy, lecool provides an alternative selection of things to do than your average Rough Guide.


i've been meaning to post for a while about this subject and recent events have bought it to my attention again.

This photo (chars reuters) shows Katherine Jenkins, a Welsh opera singer, with Mohammed Al Fayed on their way to open the lovely Harrods sale. There should be a background of rosy-cheeked young women and tourists with too much time, but as you can see, there's a load of anti-fur protesters who were heckling Ms Jenkins for opening the store (for a million squids) even though she doesn't wear fur OR eat meat. A bit OTT animal rights activists, i think.

On a brighter note, she did get a pair of diamond - encrusted

and a few other garms (& ONE MILLION POUNDS, did i mention? to walk around a shop for a morning...)

Some quick research on anti-fur websites taught me that the reason they're kicking up such a fuss is because Harrods is that last department store in the UK to trade fur. But really, if they want to write it off, they should maybe nip down to Spitalfields where I found my self morally stricken when I came face to face with a trolley full of animal tails. For £1 each. Endless outfit opportunities but the knowledge that that was once a happy tail, waving around in the air...

Also, people seem to be neglecting the poor

that lose their lives for the benefit of our feet???

Move the clocks forward a decade or so and what would your thoughts be on having paint lobbed on your pig skin gazelles?


Monday, 29 December 2008

a quick interview with William Trill of throwawayfuck fame


can you do a 2 second interview about throwawayfuck that i can put on accrobeau?

William Trill



im in tokyo


yeah haha

William Trill

so be quick



what is throwawayfuck?

William Trill

you should know this if you are interviewing me


its a mobile blog

everything is uploaded off phones


when did you start it?

William Trill

about 2 months ago when i was on a big comedown/hangover

nov 1st to be exact


why though? can anyone contribute?

William Trill

you have to be invited, we're quite elistist

for example we wouldnt let you in


haha well I dont have a camera phone anyway so fuck you


anyway, is there any guidelines on what photos get posted? there always seems to be a lot of drugs, toilet graffiti and karaoke, is this just all you do?

William Trill


id say drugs, and kareoke are a key thing in our lives

and toilets seem to fit into the drugs and kareoke

you drink a lot when you do kareoke

and you have to go to the toilet to piss

BTW do not credit me as ************

WILLIAM TRILL you must credit me as


yeah ok

ha do you remember that karaoke when the bird didn't believe you were william trill

William Trill



what does she know about me sucka


thanks for the interview William

enjoy Tokyo

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Creative Advertising goes political

Last month a friend of mine, Daniel Minh, went to Brick lane and did a little project with the public, involving a large stencil of Barack Obama and lots of paint. This is the final edit of the short film he made...
Best watched in high quality

Monday, 15 December 2008

The Return of the Native: 20/12/2008

Touch down at 10 and then this?
I bet hardly any of you are down with the acts on this line up! Diversify...







Friday, 12 December 2008

Wednesday, 10 December 2008


spoilt for choice tonight party wise in my opinion!

i will be west. hope to see some faces (even if it's only outside with the company of a few cans of redstripe...)



I have been AWOL on accro of late, partly because the cat got my tongue and equally because I have been: BCN, LDN, Naples (NPS?) to BCN again in the space of five not very pleasant days. Nonetheless, I return with these shitty pictures which were the only reasonable turnouts from a whole reel of film I wasted on one wasted night last month in BCN, courtesy of Cuki and Jasmin...

...and a group photo of the lovely Plat de Jour/ Family&Friends team, Tomb Crew boys and meeep after the aaabsolutely banging night they had on in BCN.

Ten days till home time, how shall we celebrate my return?!

Monday, 8 December 2008

Accrobeau competition alert

This Thursday night once again sees On The Rocks in Shoreditch be taken over by The Count and Sinden for Mega Mega Mega, this is the final of a four week residency and if you haven't made it down to one already you shouldn't miss your chance. This week the guest DJs include Mistajam and Sunship and there will be special guests. You can see Mistajam doing the Rolex Sweep here. awesome.

The nice people at Domino Records have given us the chance to give away 2 tickets, so if you fancy that on Thursday e-mail me your name before 5pm on the day and i'll pick a winner at random. Send names to

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Day 'N' Nite

This tune has been around for TIME, but its finally getting an official release in January, and along with it has this ridiculous video. I don't know why chart-friendly dance music has almost exclusively to be soft-porn but I'm not complaining either, although the vibe I get from this is that Kid Cudi is a weird horny dude who can't get laid and hates gothix, probably not what they were going for.

In other news, tomorrow night there is some sweet metal bands playing at Catch (I dont know if they are sweet, but I do know that my friend Metal Dave is playing in one of them so i'm going to mosh anyway. circle pit!) and also them nice lads from Dead Kids are putting on a KARAOKE night in the basement of Electricity Showrooms, which is bound to be a good time, as karaoke always is. done.

Harvey Nicks

Happy Birthday to Gregor today, heavy/sweaty/damp yet quite cold night last night. This is the news.

Friday, 5 December 2008

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Hello Buddy

As well as traveling the world taking photos of sweet bands and general famous people, Ben Rayner takes pictures of dogs. He's taken so many pictures of dogs now that he's self-funded a book of photos of them. I apologise that this book may now cost £10 instead of £5 cos when he said he was charging £5 for it last night I said if he did then I would buy 2. shit. Anyway, he's bought a lot of beer and is having a launch party for it tomorrow night at Corby House where that Mutate Britain exhibition that I was rambling on about the other day is. Its on Curtain Road incase you cant be bothered to scroll down. You can see a flyer here and a video of Ben Rayner as a kid moshing in his front room here.

In other news
La Roux, Worship and Crystal Fighters are all amazing and the new Gallows stuff is heavier instead of popier like everyone thought it was going to be. good.

Monday, 1 December 2008


Just to reiterate there is a DRINKS CLEAROUT. That means: drink the bar dry as the Union will be closed after the 12th=cheap cheap cheap drinks.

Mutate Britain

Curtain road has been looking a bit different the last couple of weeks due to the opening of Mutate Britain at Corby House. Finally made it down their today and it didn't disapoint at all, when you walk in you are confrunted with the work of Jo Rush, who has been making different creations from scrap metal since the early 80's (when he also lived in a squat called the Apocalypse Hotel - sick) and he also name drops Banksy and Damien Hirst in the short doc you can watch about him. His work is awesome, and normally displayed at massive parties/raves where he says people normally have to come back the next day to check they weren't just completely out of their heads. As you go up the stairs there isn't an inch of wall space left un touched with a paint brush/biro/spray can, intricate patterns lead you from room to room where you might find Full size animatronic robots DJing and pole dancing to themselves, or live screen printing where you can buy the prints straight off the press. There was only one photographer I saw was on the very top floor, Elle Dunn, although the work I have found for her on line doesn't anywhere near do her highly photo-shopped horror scene images that she has on display justice.

The exhibition runs for another 3 weekends every fri/sat/sun and is certainly worth your time, its fucking free too.

more Sunday Vans action

I hadn't seen these in real life till today. looking forward to getting paid/xmas more now.