Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Hello Buddy

As well as traveling the world taking photos of sweet bands and general famous people, Ben Rayner takes pictures of dogs. He's taken so many pictures of dogs now that he's self-funded a book of photos of them. I apologise that this book may now cost £10 instead of £5 cos when he said he was charging £5 for it last night I said if he did then I would buy 2. shit. Anyway, he's bought a lot of beer and is having a launch party for it tomorrow night at Corby House where that Mutate Britain exhibition that I was rambling on about the other day is. Its on Curtain Road incase you cant be bothered to scroll down. You can see a flyer here and a video of Ben Rayner as a kid moshing in his front room here.

In other news
La Roux, Worship and Crystal Fighters are all amazing and the new Gallows stuff is heavier instead of popier like everyone thought it was going to be. good.

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