Thursday, 30 April 2009

one third done

So we're one third of the year through and I had a thought about what my favourite song is so far this year. Phoenix 'Liztomania' is a close second to this.

Fred Perry x The Specials

So Fred Perry have teamed up with The Specials to create a set of three shirts for The Specials 30th Anniversary. Weirdly you're supposed to pre register your interest in buying one, which makes me think they're not actually sure how many to make. The press release also states that the band have worked 'very closely' with Fred Perry on the design, when in fact it looks more like someone at Fred Perry looked 'very closely' at the art work from their debut album. Either way this long sleeve is pretty sick, if not a little hard to look at for more than a few minutes without having a fit. Prob not going to spend £90 on it though.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Fixed Mag Issue 3 launch

This thursday the guys at Fixed magazine are launching the third issue of their magazine. If the other two were anything to go by, it should be a blast and another great mag. Lots of goodies to be won from 14 Bike Co, Vans and Goldtec as well as beer and the premier of Council of Doom


Sunday, 26 April 2009


By 12pm I had ridden the marathon, eaten 2 breakfasts, had elevenses and was ready for the day ahead. Been slacking on here recently, will post some new pictures when I get my first roll developed.

Hold tight 2 of Accrobeaus finest repping hard in the front row.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

cudi x sxsw

this was a fun night in austin. at the mad decent party in a massive charity shop. you wish you were there.

so yeah he was really cool and excited. hung out and chatted for about half an hour. i think thats cz he thought me and abi had kro. the above was before he went on to do a unannounced appearance. crowd went mental for day and night and all the new stuff was banging. he tried to drag me up on stage. my teensyweensy skirt made me reluctant so i passed but then crept on to take these. bottom one is my fav - view large.

so yeah i sent them all over to him but i dont think he's on it cz since i sent them he hasnt got back in contact. ah well. tuff sheeeeet. (next project is malawi so hold tight for that haha.) might send them over to monster to see if they can use them. hmmm. any opinions?


p.s. all shot on the rollei as per.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Todays recipe for disaster

A little suttin suttin from uncle Ron for these sunny spring days -

Some classic Gangstar, Funky ass "Boo Ya T.R.I.B.E" -

Some "Dub Syndicate" for those burnin' a big ed' in the sunshine today -

And finally some "Anthill Mobb" for my summer golden massive -


Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Disfigured Dubz Forthcoming Mix (Skream)

Skream just dropped a minimix of tunes from his label disfigured dubz.
1. Dont Wanna Lose You - Kito
2.Code 46 - Kryptic Mindz
3.The Weeping -Kryptic Mindz
4.Kulture - Soften
5.Wednesday - Truth
6.Bubba Ho Step - Truth
7.Liquid Sound - Kulture
8.Stay - Truth


Yo! Majesty

ridiculous new vid filmed round East.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Vintage jersey ride

Went out for what I thought would be a nice social ride, thinking we would be taking advantage of the various watering holes along the way whilst riding casually through the Essex countryside. Could only keep my camera around my neck for the first bit as it got a little heavy after that

Never thought Essex would be this scenic
Fresh looking fresh.
Gerald looking pimp.

we also met this rather funny gentleman who had been travelling on his boat from Manchester.

There will be some more pictures on my flickr. Im off to eat some more food

Went down to yo mama last night

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sxsw set 2/ day 2/ whatever

argh my belly feels horrible and my back space doesnt work. so annoying. so sorry about the dodgy spacing.. my lump hand just keeps on making massive gaps. anyway.

the morning after the night before. the naked photos would probably get me in less trouble but ahahahaha. miss you abi tundeh.

people were rolling out of the convention centre on these all the time. losers.

vivian girls were really good and had cute tattoos or milkshakes and burgers and stuff. made me feel a bit better about my shit tatt.

good tee (and tatt on the elbow. view large). vegetarians are rubbish. if we weren't meant to eat it it wouldnt taste so good.

hi 6th street.

this is my background on twitter. you cant see it tho for some reason, you just see the road signs which is kind of cool. add me

highway. bare cars.

abi and our friend kyle that we found at some irish pub. he looks like our guardian angel all in white and he really was. he took us round to all the wristband pickups so that we could get to all the free booze parties. then took us for dinner to this place called casuela's where all the waitresses couldnt speak english and the enchiladas were amaaaaazing.

graham coxon was really moody and moany and was f-in and blindin under his breath at the crowd, which earnt him a few more wish i could marry points.

then my film ran out and there weren't any art fag type's with t4's or g2's to ponce off like you find left right and centre in london. i was pissed. angry and very very very drunk.

til tomorrow. besos

Saturday, 11 April 2009

sxsw - set 1

I've been back from texas for a while but haven't managed to have a sit down with my laptop to get these up. So here are the first lot - pretty sure this is my first day.

outside the h.e.b. it was st patricks day and when i asked this guy if i could take his photo he went on to write out a card for me with his "details" in. then went on to grab my head and try to kiss me with his tongue sticking out like a dog. disturbing.

this guy had been "travelling" for 5 years. jumping on trains and all that.

bus to 6th street.

barton springs.

this was the cutest thing to watch. they were like that for about 20 mins.


arizona ice. 99c and a can that size. winner.

all the ribbons pinned to the tree have names of people that have died living on the street written on them.

abi losing at blackjack and in the process of getting naked on our roof. pants on the floor.

urm other things. yo mama tomorrow night will be fun. bigger than barry last night was really fun. and happy easter everyone!


Friday, 10 April 2009

Some of my recently-deceased step-Grandad's alcohol collection

The first one is moonshine. The last one has a stone bottle. This is 15 of a collection probably close to 100. Most of them European spirits from the 80's. Playaaa.