Saturday, 11 April 2009

sxsw - set 1

I've been back from texas for a while but haven't managed to have a sit down with my laptop to get these up. So here are the first lot - pretty sure this is my first day.

outside the h.e.b. it was st patricks day and when i asked this guy if i could take his photo he went on to write out a card for me with his "details" in. then went on to grab my head and try to kiss me with his tongue sticking out like a dog. disturbing.

this guy had been "travelling" for 5 years. jumping on trains and all that.

bus to 6th street.

barton springs.

this was the cutest thing to watch. they were like that for about 20 mins.


arizona ice. 99c and a can that size. winner.

all the ribbons pinned to the tree have names of people that have died living on the street written on them.

abi losing at blackjack and in the process of getting naked on our roof. pants on the floor.

urm other things. yo mama tomorrow night will be fun. bigger than barry last night was really fun. and happy easter everyone!



ben k said...


Russ Tannen said...

JEALOUS x 10000000

Anonymous said...

where are the full nudity pictures of Abi?

bonnie said...

in my pocket

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmm..... lucky lucky pocket