Saturday, 31 May 2008

Cool tats man

saw some good shit on the web that i felt obliged to share:

I just remembered this clip, thanks to explosef josef. Watch all of it and I mean ALL of it.


If you haven't heard the infectious Blind yet download it:

Hercules and Love Affair- Blind

Friday, 30 May 2008

Travis is Back



Trevor Loveys

Andy George

Snap Crackle and Pop

Deadly Rhythm Soundsystem

message/email me for cheaplist/guestlist if your nice

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Diesel U Music

Yesterday me and the rest of the deadly rhythm boys went down to lay down a session for diesel.
We had our good friends Tomb Crew come down as well for a live mashup and minimix.

I'll upload the show when I get it.

There will also be a closing down party broadcast on friday night so stay locked on that one, the likes of Toddla T and some of the other guests will all be going down to do their thing.

After getting taken over by People Are Germs and Jack from Friendly Fires, we headed down to the tate to check out the NY graffiti exhibition, despite all the rain and the wench que we stuck out and headed in.

Outside the whole place had been plastered by the likes of BLU and JR

However inside was a different story, despite the secret wars esque live drawing by the likes of Tek1 and Alfa of Soopa Doopa, the "live music" was poor at best. A dude from New Cross rapping about his struggles (despite being from Sweden) and all of the snakes in the ghetto provided little over 2 minutes of entertainment for the sane among us and made the likes of me and James look like Wesley Snipes.

We left pretty soon after watching a bit of "laser graff", despite the wealth of all the illustrations and hard work, the 10 year olds and families started to cramp our style.

We took shelter under the willows and then started doing slides on the wet!wet!wet! millennium bridge-que, me ripping it down and dropping like a mother and ripping my arm, that last picture was how impressed james was with the whole fiasco.

Monday, 26 May 2008



This is the most amazing outdoor stop-frame animation by Euro street artist Blu.
Blu has always been pushing the boundaries with street art and this video MUTO has taken things to a completely new level.
I'm a few weeks behind on the whole street art scene these days so all you WoosterCollective heads have probably seen this before, but if you haven't, enjoy.

[props to Tom for pointing it out]

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Timmy Mallet x Boy Better Know

The Emancipation of Elle Bee!

Haps to have finally finished school for good on Friday...
Roll on gap year antics. Don't roll on rent. Don't roll on income tax, and responsibility for myself, don't roll on. But stay with me ability to still get away with £2 child travel card.

We wore the old school uniform which mostly looked liked a back to school party. Err to pervs in vans with their R.Kelly flexes on Friday- School uniform equals ages 5 to 15.

Then went to see Szjerdene sing at Zigfrid and she was amazing. Songbird-like. Listen to Take a While on her myspace, it's banging- and if I was an A&R that happened to come stumble across this post... I would not hesitate signing Szjerdene and contacting her immediately through her myspace:

Then on to chockAblock which get my vote for serving hot food (was it rice and peas?!). Other club nights should definitely take note.

Ben's got a rope chain - which brings me on to shaking my head at those of you who were responsible for various bouts of negative ovation on Friday night. Each to their own- there was no need for that.

I think we left before this was filmed which is highly disappointing as I would have loved to have contributed and laid down a couple bars.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Chewing The Fat with the Deadly Rhythm DJs...

Check out James, Alex (Beefcake) and Guy's interview with DontStayIn.

Benga last friday was absolutely pack out, another bangin Deadly Rhythym night as is illustrated by my fine 5pixel photographic skills...

Living in the Gutter

Milkcrate have just dropped a new line of tees for the summer
There are a couple of c/w of each one up on SNS so get em while they last

On the subject of Milkcrate, Aaron Lacrate is on tour with Dizzee Rascal at the moment so you can find him ripping it up across the nation soon enough.

Ill put up some Aaron Lacrate tracks when zshare stops being such a bint.
Until then check out:
Black Lips-Veni Vedi Veci (MUMDANCE rework ft. Jammer)

Monday, 19 May 2008

Super de Luxe

ello ello
thought i'd introduce myself, i'm James a la Catford (Get-To-Know).
i wanted to show you all the freshest thing i found in a skip this week:
a Tom-a-Hawk copy of a Mk.I Raleigh Chopper (the low budget alternative to the retro classic preferred by working class parents across the nation).
I know it looks like a rusty heap of shit now because, well.. it is, but i'm planning to fix it up and i'll keep you updated on how its looking.
note: Classic frame-mounted gear stick removed from all later models due to various law-suits being filed against Raleigh and Hawk after multiple vasectomy-like injuries sustained by boys (and girls i guess?) all over the country, which could explain the steep fall in the average number of children per household in the early 80's, in my expert opinion.
have faith, and remember, one man's junk is another man's ride.
And hang on to that micro-scooter in your shed cause it might end up on Antiques Roadshow one day.

Sunday, 18 May 2008


Always the way isn't it, that exam period clashes with big nights... Some things have to be prioritised!

ChockAblock- with more to look forward to towards the end of that line up...

Can't miss Radioclit.

Night Slugs nights do what they say on (the bottom) of the flyer. No disappointments on the bass front.

***Bun exams, go intercity. Roadtrips apparantley not to be missed! -->

Also, The Cool Kids debut album The Bake Sale available as of tomorrow which I will almost definitely not be buying as I have not bought a CD in four years since M.I.A's Arular and don't plan to for the forseeable brokeass future.

New Kidz on the Block

Im Alex, part of Deadly Rhythm , I'm from Camberwell SE5 but I was born in Georgia.
I've been reading this blog for a while and now I hope to add some good shit to it.
All the best to the little man (not like I won't be seeing him) bntl is showah

I doubt any of you know where/what Georgia is so ill introduce it by hooking you up with the finest (and only) hip hop from the land...big up

Just watch the videos you dont even have to listen. This shit is LOW BUDGET
Ill start of with Shavtvala-Tetri Sakartvelo (Blackeye-white Georgia [not in terms of ethnic cleansing but cocaine...obviously])

Onto my good friends Patara Gangsterebi-Ar damivicyo ( Little Gangsters-Don't forget me)

And finally we'll round off with a bit of Landi-Minda gakoco erti ( Landi-I wanna kiss you once)feat. girls with grape booty

I know anyone who sees this is going to get the wrong ideas about Georgia but these guys are all from the suburbs and little villages.......think Tim Westwood.

I thought on the subject of Kuduro I'd put some tunes up.

DJ Big H-Kuduro ki e Um

DJ Bula-Lacraia

Mais Kuduro por favor!

Ever since Buraka Som Sistema hooked up with M.I.A to do Sound of Kuduro, I was hoping to hear a lot more remixes and Kuduro style beats playing out in clubs, but it doesn't seem like it caught on as hotly as I imagined. Here are a couple videos for those of you who are as disappointed as me.

Friday, 16 May 2008

Do the Right Thing

Rosie Perez in probably the best ever opening credits sequence?

If you aren't watching Do The Right thing for the iconic eighties' Bed-Stuy life then check it for the ending which has left me and mr.Accrobeau himself in a... heated discussion. I say the film is a portrait of the intolerance of different races within a community. The events and the riot at the end leave you feeling gutted for Sal and his pizza shop, because, until then Spike Lee works on Sal's character and makes us attatched to him (on purpose!)... and so the viewers feel against the violence a la Martin Luther King quote found at the end.

Who does that make sense to?!

Do the Right Thing Air Jordan Spizikes released last September. I'm not a fan.