Monday, 19 May 2008

Super de Luxe

ello ello
thought i'd introduce myself, i'm James a la Catford (Get-To-Know).
i wanted to show you all the freshest thing i found in a skip this week:
a Tom-a-Hawk copy of a Mk.I Raleigh Chopper (the low budget alternative to the retro classic preferred by working class parents across the nation).
I know it looks like a rusty heap of shit now because, well.. it is, but i'm planning to fix it up and i'll keep you updated on how its looking.
note: Classic frame-mounted gear stick removed from all later models due to various law-suits being filed against Raleigh and Hawk after multiple vasectomy-like injuries sustained by boys (and girls i guess?) all over the country, which could explain the steep fall in the average number of children per household in the early 80's, in my expert opinion.
have faith, and remember, one man's junk is another man's ride.
And hang on to that micro-scooter in your shed cause it might end up on Antiques Roadshow one day.


Elle Bee said...

woop welcome jimbo!

that bike is nuts, i look forward to seeing you roll round catty on it in months to come


Deadly Rhythm said...

manz is callin the big dog as we speak

Pop Lock and Drop said...

I do literally have a micro scooter in my shed. haha

BreY said...

How on earth did you find that? I'll but it off you if you restore it to a good state.

Big Ron said...

Thats a serious gear stick you got there


man yo ride is happen'. you see esse we waza finkiiin offa likea gettin da rimsa alla shiny an den put some stickersss ona frame wid da two tone flames


gay gay gay spelt happenin' wrong. the whole effect is lost

Rachie-Pie said...

U found that in the skip?! That is nuts. Jealous.