Sunday, 18 May 2008

New Kidz on the Block

Im Alex, part of Deadly Rhythm , I'm from Camberwell SE5 but I was born in Georgia.
I've been reading this blog for a while and now I hope to add some good shit to it.
All the best to the little man (not like I won't be seeing him) bntl is showah

I doubt any of you know where/what Georgia is so ill introduce it by hooking you up with the finest (and only) hip hop from the land...big up

Just watch the videos you dont even have to listen. This shit is LOW BUDGET
Ill start of with Shavtvala-Tetri Sakartvelo (Blackeye-white Georgia [not in terms of ethnic cleansing but cocaine...obviously])

Onto my good friends Patara Gangsterebi-Ar damivicyo ( Little Gangsters-Don't forget me)

And finally we'll round off with a bit of Landi-Minda gakoco erti ( Landi-I wanna kiss you once)feat. girls with grape booty

I know anyone who sees this is going to get the wrong ideas about Georgia but these guys are all from the suburbs and little villages.......think Tim Westwood.

I thought on the subject of Kuduro I'd put some tunes up.

DJ Big H-Kuduro ki e Um

DJ Bula-Lacraia


Elle Bee said...


Definitely spin some Patara Gangsterebi next DR night x

yoke said...

I've seen videos like this--what the guy's made down theyre local polish club

Matthew Schnickens said...

You're all sweeties, we're sour,
You know about my team we're shower!