Monday, 31 March 2008

Aint no B in my Doobie

Tonight at 9 some Trapstar bits and bobs dropped at do-be-do. I'm not sure if the supposed 'delay' on the drop, from yesterday to today, was intentional but either way they sold like hot cakes. The "Bad" tee is still avalible online here so go cop that if you got your money right.

Not only can you expect the clothes you have paid for but you might also be blessed with some strange and dysfunctional box, usually used for pizzas or washing powder.

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Trapping aint easy but it sure is fun

Just received some pictures from the Trapstar shoot. Levels have definitely been raised. The plaid shirt is classic and its good to see they have added a personal touch to it, as every tom dick and harry are sporting buffalo check at the moment. The tee design is tight and original as well. So all in all, its a thumbs up. Keep your eyes peeled for the next invasion!

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Tom foolery

I am a person prone to wearing hats, especially now i sport a lions maine on my melon. However this proves embarrassing and troublesome since every time i enter the dance a female is intent on nicking my headgear. This is what i ended up wearing last night at Scala, due to the robbery of my supreme beanie.

Friday, 21 March 2008


Kevin Smith is about as cool as the other side of your pillow, a statement i shouldn't have to tell you should you be in anyway clued up on whats good for your health. I was exposed to the ways of Kevin Smith at a tender age by my Brother.

Note he is wearing a baseball jersey. An item of clothing i have taken to wearing recently.

Since then i have gone on to watch his films religiously, being the only person i know of to believe "Clerks 2" was a success. Not only has Kevin Smith created numerous classic flicks, written a comic book, enjoyed a successful career as an actor and traveled the world reciting his hilarious stories, he has also managed to marry a realtively attractive milf (namely Jennifer Schwalbach) which is quite an achievement considering he is an over weight, 5 foot 7 male who most probably suffers from erectile problems.

This is a flyer i found for a "bluntman & Chronic" themed club night. If i had been in the Sanfranciso area in 2005, i would undoubtedly be a better man.

I will leave you with a short but sweet taste of Kevin Smith via youtube. Watch both the clips and bathe in the hilarity of Kevin Smiths complex methods of disguise!

Friday, 14 March 2008

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Rockers s/s 08

Rockers delivering their usual methathetamine for the street wear community. I was under the impression the tee below was already released? Regardless its dope like well cut heroin.

Monday, 10 March 2008

Trapstar x Candy Store

On Friday i traveled up to Birmigham for the Trapstar instore at Candy Store followed by the Candy Store x Trapstar party. We started off by catching the coach from London at around 2pm and got to Birmingham for just before 5. Birmingham was more gutter than i had imagined, we were greeted with a whole leap of ex-industrial landscape and broken windows as we entered.

By the time we entered the city center Birmingham was coming strong and representing to the fullest for the West Mids. Eventually we made our way to the Candy Store. (thanks to Ian and his directions) The place was lively as hell! Being surrounded by a load of nice streetwear ish, banging basslines and nice people is comparable to none.

After a while jamming in the Store we headed down to Concrete. DJ's held it down. Oneman never fails to please.

After the party we headed back on the coach (props to 5star) where the main topic of conversation was squirters. Out to Starbucks for supplying the whole squad with semi-skimmed. Trapstar and Candy Store are doing the UK more than justice.

Skys the limit

Couple flicks - Southbank / Forest hill / Brick lane. As usual, would appreciate any feedback.

Friday, 7 March 2008

The Desktop Wallpaper Project

Bobby over at the Kitsune Noir blog has recently launched 'The Desktop Wallpaper Project' which involves 60 chosen artists designing individual wallpapers which will then be put up on the blog and can be downloaded to spice up you wallpaper every now and then. These are the first three of sixty:

Heres a few of Bobby's own radiohead inspired wallpapers.

This project is of particular interest to me due to its unconventional approach to the subject of 'art' and its confines. You may have already realised I tend to be more interested in design and art when they are taken out of the traditional or conventional sphere of 'art'. For me a wallpaper is likely to have more of an impact than a watercolour hanging in some obscure gallery as I'm likely to stare aimlessly at it for hours whilst wasting my life on a computer.