Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Notes of a scandal

My friend (Formally known as 'Quimby') has been on the receiving end of a number of complaints regarding his sordid late night activities.

The saga all began at the start of the 'Michaelmas' term when certain oriental neighboring personalities started posting anonymous notes.

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The second installment arrived 2 months later. This time the creator was kind enough to use two different colours.

After a visit from none other than el 'senior (p)resident'. "Quimby" was kindly sent an official warning via email - "One more strike and your out".

That about sums up the bedroom saga. However recently a new challenger stepped into the arena operating under the alias of "Adam". His note was signed and thanked by Jackie (Chan?). This simply added insult to injury and provoked "Quimby" to offer some words of wisdom.


ben said...

i was creasing for ages when i read this!! bruv u have some fucking neeks in your uni.

Retch' said...

so much jokes!!!

Quimby said...

I got P(ee) but i aint wee herman