Friday, 21 March 2008


Kevin Smith is about as cool as the other side of your pillow, a statement i shouldn't have to tell you should you be in anyway clued up on whats good for your health. I was exposed to the ways of Kevin Smith at a tender age by my Brother.

Note he is wearing a baseball jersey. An item of clothing i have taken to wearing recently.

Since then i have gone on to watch his films religiously, being the only person i know of to believe "Clerks 2" was a success. Not only has Kevin Smith created numerous classic flicks, written a comic book, enjoyed a successful career as an actor and traveled the world reciting his hilarious stories, he has also managed to marry a realtively attractive milf (namely Jennifer Schwalbach) which is quite an achievement considering he is an over weight, 5 foot 7 male who most probably suffers from erectile problems.

This is a flyer i found for a "bluntman & Chronic" themed club night. If i had been in the Sanfranciso area in 2005, i would undoubtedly be a better man.

I will leave you with a short but sweet taste of Kevin Smith via youtube. Watch both the clips and bathe in the hilarity of Kevin Smiths complex methods of disguise!


BreY said...

Nah fam I agree with you that Clerks 2 was a huge success, fuck the critics, the scene mocking LOTR, the ass to mouth shit and ofcourse being able to see my two fav stoners Jay and Silent Bob again for one last time was a delight. I do hope he goes back on his word and does more films based in View Askew and incorporates the characters. From clerks, to chasing amy, to mallrats, to dogma to jay and silent bob this dude is a genius...I'm not supposed to be working today.

yeah! said...

To be blessed with Rosario Dawnson talking on the issue of 'ass to mouth' is second to none. Also i quite liked the choreographed dance scenes, which makes me sound the 'wrong way inclined' if you get my gist

ben said...

clerks 2 is a wack piece of shit. j and sb strike back is fuckin jokes tho.

BreY said...

ben that's blasphemy. would you please say as to why "clerks 2" was "whack". Loool wrong way inclined, aww man that shit had me on the floor.

ben said...

its too fucking emotional and shit, it boarders too much on a romantic comedy for my liking, and we all know romantic comedies suck donkey balls. and there isnt enough of jay and silent bob in it.