Friday, 7 March 2008

The Desktop Wallpaper Project

Bobby over at the Kitsune Noir blog has recently launched 'The Desktop Wallpaper Project' which involves 60 chosen artists designing individual wallpapers which will then be put up on the blog and can be downloaded to spice up you wallpaper every now and then. These are the first three of sixty:

Heres a few of Bobby's own radiohead inspired wallpapers.

This project is of particular interest to me due to its unconventional approach to the subject of 'art' and its confines. You may have already realised I tend to be more interested in design and art when they are taken out of the traditional or conventional sphere of 'art'. For me a wallpaper is likely to have more of an impact than a watercolour hanging in some obscure gallery as I'm likely to stare aimlessly at it for hours whilst wasting my life on a computer.

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