Wednesday, 30 January 2008

"You know, and i know, i flow some ol' funky shit"



Nikes most recent offerings in the way of Sneakers have put a pleasant smile on my face and helped renew my faith in their capabilities and prowess.

Firstly there is the Blazer low in a black and aqua color combination with a croc leather swoosh. This shoe is supposedly meant to be a tribute to the Tiffany Dunk SB which was released in 2005 and got people lining up for nights on end to get their grubby mits on a pair. In my opinion the these are nicer than the kicks they are paying tribute to. They look crazy clean and buttery and are screaming out to be rocked with a nice pair of shorts... Or what one may choose to compliment them with.

Second on todays roster is the new Huarache / Air max hybrid. Nike placed the upper body of the Huarache on the Air Max BW sole. As everyone will know I'm a keen critic of the whole hybrid thing and its horrific resurgence in the last year. However this is one of the more attractive illegitimate love children created by the sordid relationship between Nike sneaker models partly due to the fact Nike have played it safe with a clean colourway.

Last but not least is the Air max 1 out of the Nike Tech Pack Safari. It features a multicolor upper, consisting of mostly black and aqua, and the Safari pattern in several colors. This is the release I'm most sure about and at the moment its coming like Marmite for me. I cant decide whether i love it or hate it. Initially i looked at it and immediately disregarded it becuase of its crazy colour scheming, but after a full body inspection I've decide i quite like it, especially the materials that are being used. Give me your opinions if you will....

P.S. Has anyone actually listened attentively to Lil Johns screams in Ushers "Yeah". If not please do, it will do good for your health. Preferably listen to them on this wicked high budget remake (much better than the original)... If you have enough time please please watch it until the end and notice the elderly white male sporting a nice Norwegian beard and bald melon.

Peace up, A town - "Yeah"

Tuesday, 29 January 2008


Recently picked up a supreme 'King' beanie and Supreme Tyson photograph print tee. I was happily surprised when both arrived and fitted nicely. The photograph print tees have been really popular over the last couple months among streetwear brands. I'm not sure what i think about them, but theres no doubt these tees are a good and relatively easy way to start making tees yourself from scratch.

Photograph print tees

I think i prefer what Supreme has to offer in terms of Photograph print tees but brands like Neighborhood and Recon are also bringing nice offerings to the table of photograph print tees.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Foward Looking

This tune has been around for a while now but i haven't got round to airing my distaste for it until now. Firstly, way to go deface a classic, my eye felt like crying a tear for Hip-Hop whilst watching this remake. Not only do they make a mockery of Hip-Hop royalty but they also go onto act out the worst impression of 'Mookie' from Spike Lee's 'Do the right thing' I've ever been forced to witness. Despite this, the defecation of a classic is not the only bone i have to pick with the video. The whole lets make videos of our shoes and rap about them phenomena, thats got hypebeasts from all four corners of the globe eagerly uploading videos of their new sb's is something i object to as a fan of subtlety and all things humble.

Secondly i object to the video and those in its fashion becuase I'm no fan of dressing like my brother wanted to, but couldn't, in the 80's. I cant knock those who understand their history and use it in order to create new ideas or in order to compliment their contemporary designs but simply looking at an Adidas back cat and following it step by step seems simplistic to me. For me this obsession with the past is a probable reason why much of the Sneaker game has been largely stagnant and insistent on pushing re-issues for the last year.

Personally I'm about forward looking and thinking people and i attempt to reflect that in my clothing and appearance as well as i can. I can appreciate and learn from the past but I'm not looking to recreate it.

A third reason i object to this kind of fashion and attitude about Sneakers is that i see it and its followers as eating of the streetwear plate without bringing any food of their own to the BBQ, which is straight impolite. This fashion focuses on sneakers and thus becomes linked with streetwear but in reality it is sneaker based and streetwear culture is a whole load more than the shits you be walkin in. Either way i detest the association of the rope chain and its horrific modern connotations with the broad fashion i choose to clothe myself in.

Alot of groups / individuals have become synonymous with this fashion and as a result have commanded alot of publicity and success. Its all love for the paper makers, no matter the means, paper is an end in itself.

The future dosnt have to be bleak if you take time to plan it. Rest your eyes pondering the day ahead and not the one that just passed.

A new dawn a new day.

Onward and upward!

Dont hate, Appreciate

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Got Milk?

Went to ChockaBlock relaunch at egg tonight. Always skeptical about these kind of events, the music tends to be amazing but the people often cant escape their own superficiality and end out chilling on the walls, observing the supposed competition. Luckily enough the dance floor was moving and the bassline was served by the ounce, (Hold tite my baby remix gang). All in all it was a horribly good crowd in the context of my egg experiences and the music was varied enough to keep me entertained. Hope the pictures will do the same...

Mens size Female Spiz'ike's.... Crazy stupid!

Bossy was skeptical about me taking some flicks in his porn shop but all was good in the end...

No homo...

Gov are doing alot for the less financially abled in the community.

Get your money bag correct son!

I think this picture encomposes the womens attitude accurately... She was straight desperate.

Got milk???

Friday, 25 January 2008


"100%" (nothing less)

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

A day in the life

Word on the street is that the punters want more personals. I try to stay away from flooding the blog with list upon list of pictures of nights out or days in. Firstly becuase I'm in no way an accomplished photographer of any sort, secondly becuase i don't claim access to a camera that i believe would warrant photography and finally becuase i set out to make a blog that was more like a roast chicken than a cornish pasty, meaning i wanted people to have to digest my shit and aimed to provide some protein in a world of mass produced online carbohydrates. Either way I've succumb to the guy on my right shoulder temporarily. Here goes....

Clothing courtesy of my wardrobe.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Know your History!

Jason Lee is like an obscure 1980's sci-fi film that never made it onto video, in that he has waaayy too many dimensions.

Firstly Jason Lee was a prominent professional skateboarder in the late 1980s and early 1990s and by the looks of it was a relatively one(80) trick pony (get it?)

Jason Lee went onto star in most of Kevin Smith's joints, in which he would be noticed by no other than myself and thus consequently become enshrined inside my humble corner of cyberspace.

However just like the obscure 1980's sci-fi flicks, Jason Lee also boasts something unpredictable and equally disturbing about himself. Jason Lee is none other than a reputable member of the church of scientology and claims to have "started studying Scientology years before I became an actor". That and his probable excessive drug intake is likely to explain the naming of his son 'Pilot Inspektor Riesgraf Lee'.

Nothing less than a legend.

Monday, 21 January 2008

"Any of various small, swift antelopes of the genus Gazella"

I ain't never really jumped onto the whole three stripe bandwagon. My kicks "tick" boxes and "just do it" for me so i figure stay with what works? Despite this, I've always had an eye for Adidas' Gazelles, with their fashionably clean and understated shape, so the release of a new series of Gazelles warrants blog post time... Ya Diiig? I figure the Gazelle is a bit like the James Bond of the sneaker world, becuase they slick like rick, keep it subtle and classy but can duppy any rival sneaker in any case of confrontation. These classy badboys come in orange, black and dirty white, feature a mixed leather/suede upper and all boast a large embossed "Gazelle" on the back heel.