Wednesday, 30 January 2008


Nikes most recent offerings in the way of Sneakers have put a pleasant smile on my face and helped renew my faith in their capabilities and prowess.

Firstly there is the Blazer low in a black and aqua color combination with a croc leather swoosh. This shoe is supposedly meant to be a tribute to the Tiffany Dunk SB which was released in 2005 and got people lining up for nights on end to get their grubby mits on a pair. In my opinion the these are nicer than the kicks they are paying tribute to. They look crazy clean and buttery and are screaming out to be rocked with a nice pair of shorts... Or what one may choose to compliment them with.

Second on todays roster is the new Huarache / Air max hybrid. Nike placed the upper body of the Huarache on the Air Max BW sole. As everyone will know I'm a keen critic of the whole hybrid thing and its horrific resurgence in the last year. However this is one of the more attractive illegitimate love children created by the sordid relationship between Nike sneaker models partly due to the fact Nike have played it safe with a clean colourway.

Last but not least is the Air max 1 out of the Nike Tech Pack Safari. It features a multicolor upper, consisting of mostly black and aqua, and the Safari pattern in several colors. This is the release I'm most sure about and at the moment its coming like Marmite for me. I cant decide whether i love it or hate it. Initially i looked at it and immediately disregarded it becuase of its crazy colour scheming, but after a full body inspection I've decide i quite like it, especially the materials that are being used. Give me your opinions if you will....

P.S. Has anyone actually listened attentively to Lil Johns screams in Ushers "Yeah". If not please do, it will do good for your health. Preferably listen to them on this wicked high budget remake (much better than the original)... If you have enough time please please watch it until the end and notice the elderly white male sporting a nice Norwegian beard and bald melon.

Peace up, A town - "Yeah"

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misterlego said...

the hybird things looked nice but that mid sole is not getting no love from me . . . wheres the detail ! they just look fake please b just a sample