Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Hell hath no fury

I touched on my appreciation of American Apperal's marketing policy a couple days ago and would like to officially add HellBellz to that list. Pictures like this are nearly enough to persuade me into thinking sporting under-sized womens clothing as belly tops could be a good look in the new year....

And thats only the beginning! I would be undermining the brand that is, if i were to say their models are the only reason they deserve recognition in 2008. Hellz Bellz have been supplying female street wear enthusiasts, aswell as those simply looking for a bit or colour or something guaranteed to stand out, with designs nothing less than fire for years.
aptly titled "gunning for peace"

Hellz Bellz and rouge status have obviously drawn inspiration from similar sources as the design focus is evidently that of a similar nature.

Everyones gotta like a gun here and there right? Even on your car?........

Until next time. Adieu

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