Sunday, 27 January 2008

Foward Looking

This tune has been around for a while now but i haven't got round to airing my distaste for it until now. Firstly, way to go deface a classic, my eye felt like crying a tear for Hip-Hop whilst watching this remake. Not only do they make a mockery of Hip-Hop royalty but they also go onto act out the worst impression of 'Mookie' from Spike Lee's 'Do the right thing' I've ever been forced to witness. Despite this, the defecation of a classic is not the only bone i have to pick with the video. The whole lets make videos of our shoes and rap about them phenomena, thats got hypebeasts from all four corners of the globe eagerly uploading videos of their new sb's is something i object to as a fan of subtlety and all things humble.

Secondly i object to the video and those in its fashion becuase I'm no fan of dressing like my brother wanted to, but couldn't, in the 80's. I cant knock those who understand their history and use it in order to create new ideas or in order to compliment their contemporary designs but simply looking at an Adidas back cat and following it step by step seems simplistic to me. For me this obsession with the past is a probable reason why much of the Sneaker game has been largely stagnant and insistent on pushing re-issues for the last year.

Personally I'm about forward looking and thinking people and i attempt to reflect that in my clothing and appearance as well as i can. I can appreciate and learn from the past but I'm not looking to recreate it.

A third reason i object to this kind of fashion and attitude about Sneakers is that i see it and its followers as eating of the streetwear plate without bringing any food of their own to the BBQ, which is straight impolite. This fashion focuses on sneakers and thus becomes linked with streetwear but in reality it is sneaker based and streetwear culture is a whole load more than the shits you be walkin in. Either way i detest the association of the rope chain and its horrific modern connotations with the broad fashion i choose to clothe myself in.

Alot of groups / individuals have become synonymous with this fashion and as a result have commanded alot of publicity and success. Its all love for the paper makers, no matter the means, paper is an end in itself.

The future dosnt have to be bleak if you take time to plan it. Rest your eyes pondering the day ahead and not the one that just passed.

A new dawn a new day.

Onward and upward!

Dont hate, Appreciate


Anonymous said...

i get you- it's a good look in itself but please please dont get the two confused!

misterlego said...

big post

ben said...

true words

Candide said...

Thanks for writing this.