Sunday, 6 January 2008

Less is more

I recently stumbled over some old Bape designs from 1993-2003. Its sad to see how Bape have come along and progressed (used in its vaguest sense) as a brand. These old pieces lack the horrible, garish designs and colours that have become synonymous with Bape these days.

Images courtesy of stopbeggingmag

However the new Bape spring/summer 2008 collection shows there is still a wray of hope, despite the fact it may be dimmed by the countless garish camo prints suffocating it. Some of the pieces in their new collection suggest they might be verging towards their more classic and subtle older style.

Images courtesy of my bape blog

However flip a couple pages through their spring/summer collection and your back to what I've come to associate with Bape.... The concept of disgrace delivered through design and colour.

Either way, whether the designs come back to par, the image i have of Bape is so tainted by their extortionate prices, and more significantly their London shop and staff, that i couldnt bring myself to purchase anything Bape regardless of what i thought of it. Ill let the people over at stopbeggingmag do the talking.....

"Then you got the staff that are probably the single worst thing in terms of Bapes brand identity within London; they're simply not good enough. They bring no background product knowledge, no customer repour, no sales techniques and worst of all zero manners. Which results in you going there, asking them a question only to be greeted with a plain face and one worded answers. It's as if they secretly never wanted to work there but the Yakuza took their family as hostage and forced them to work to cover their imported Pokemon cards debt, ha"

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