Friday, 18 January 2008

Addicted to the lifestyle

"The Originators Series" from Addict was presented this week at Bread and Butter Barcelona. A set of collaborative t-shirts paying homage "to the significance and importance of Sean Stussy and three other Californian based brands who all played their part in defining the genre we live and work in today, namely Freshjive, X-Large, and Fuct."

All three shirts are based on re-imagined imagery from the early graphic work which helped in defining the brands involved.

I'm a big fan of these collaborations, there is probably too much collaborating a'gwaan at the moment despite the undoubtable fact that collaborations tend to be healthy for the scene and are a helpful way to help establish and publicise younger and less known brands.
Although brands evidently need to deviate and move on from the designs and things that initially established them, i think some brands stumble too far away from their initial identity and loose what it was we once loved. Either way, these tees show classic can infact be fused with innovation and produce a successful outcome.

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