Thursday, 31 July 2008

Pretty All City

The Pretty All City brand launch party is tonight. Bring some money for a nice t-shirt.

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Film 4 you to watch

Film 4 do seasons based on actors or directors, there was just a Stanley Kubrick season which I missed all of, but now there is one for Swedish director Ingmar Bergman that I really am going to try to catch. Winner of seven Cannes Film festival awards, and nominee for nine Acadamies, Bergman is cited by lots of big directors - Woody Allen, Kubrick, Steven Spielberg- as a major influence.

The Seventh Seal...

... showed last night but I am not too worried about not catching that one on TV as I have it on DVD and still need to watch, but next up is The Virgin Spring: "a bloody, brutal tale of faith, rape and revenge" on at 1am on Saturday 2nd...

...and then Persona "the neurotic relationship between a nurse and her mute patient" at 12.25am the next night:Since I haven't watched any of his films yet, I can't tell you what to expect. I don't even know if I will like them, I have heard that they can be quite dark and miserable films, but I suggest watching this season as Bergman's works have gone down as undisputed cinematic classics.

Sunday, 27 July 2008


I say this so much I sound suspect, but mmm damn if I was a boy...

A Freeness Affair

A really, really good night. Dangerous amounts of free booze floating around the place. Buraka set was a highlight for moi. Wish I could have seen the venue when it was empty to peep the pieces on the walls. My camera let me down after the two dire enough pictures I took, but had it not then my photography skills would have done so, as usual:

It was nice to see lots of smiley, friendly people. Whoever has visited the Dirty Cash exhibition at the Flawless gallery will know why I was worried it would be a super pretentious affair.

Photo documentation from more competent bloggers:


THE BROWNIES- in full effect.

Fully kitted out venues are so overrated! More nights on top floors of warehouses, regardless of inferno room temperatures.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Free music

not sure if this is a proper bait one or not cos Ive been away for a while but check out DEEZER if you haven't already. Its got a huge library of music which you can just stream, completely free of charge, nothing to sign up to. No downloads but you can create playlists and have a constant feed of music.

You wont find a lot of unsigned/underground stuff there but its good for listening for those albums you dont want to spend any money on

Monday, 21 July 2008

The Kingdom Of Swaziland

Is a beautiful one, we did a lot of work over the 10 days and met some really great people. It was good to see that the money raised was being spent in the right way. In a country where the life expectancy is 42, 55% of the population are HIV + and 70% live under the poverty line, it was inspiring to see so much hope in peoples lives who all had a fresh outlook on life; despite the impact MTV and KFC many were able to steer clear of consumerism. Although we usually focus on the good things in life, I think that the issue of Swaziland is a pressing one and needs looking at as some economists fear it may lose everything in the next 50 years.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Friday, 18 July 2008

Fam had steez!

I was looking through this box of old photos we keep at my house that never made it into the albums and I found these pics of the fam looking fresh! You can expect the sick photo quality from me as usual.

Uncle Robbie there with the high top, wayfarers and stone wash denim:

Uncle Richard:

Mum and me. She is wearing black DM boots on her feet too! I wish she still dressed like this. She was the original one to shop in charity shops and get nuts prints. I used to absolutely hate waiting in charity shops whilst she shopped because I would get so embarassed. You would get cussed so bad in primary school if you were seen in a charity shop.

And me, yeah I had the whole nautical thing on lock down from day!

Clapham: Charity shop hot spot

I was in Clapham the other day and I was moseying about whilst I was waiting to go to an interview. Definitely visit Clapham for the charity shops. There are about six up and down St John's road and Northcote road. One was for Trinity Hospice and it almost exclusively stocks brand names like Armani, Calvin Klein... Laura Ashley.

I got this skirt from there that I might try DIY mineral washing.

I thought I was well over pumps but I found these and I really liked... I think it was like the British Heart Foundation for £4.50. Shame they burn my feet though.


Tasseled loafers from Russell & Bromley:

A bike with a basket:

A camcorder:

Thursday, 17 July 2008


Uniqlock's got me all hypnotised.

Roll your pointer over bottom, right hand corner to shut it up.

Cool Outrageous Lovers Of Uniquely Raw Style

Everybody- Fonzworth Bentley featuring. Sa-Ra, Andre 3000, Kanye West

Friday, 11 July 2008

Calling all Stylesluts

Santogold x The Strokes x N.E.R.D

Santogold, Julian Casablancas and Pharrell's new joint My Drive Thru. I love it!

Do you?

K(r)ap Bambino was a{t} Sin...

....but we still had a good night. Nice to meet you Stuart and Gauthier.

Vice photo issue don't got photos like mine.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Baile Funk BBQ

At the end of the month when Batman is released, we will be bringing over the Baile Funk King; EDU K all the way from mofo Sao Paolo. The Astroturf will be replaced with sand and a blazing BBQ will be cooking where quality meats and other produce will be available all night long. So after your £3.99 screening of The Dark Knight at Peckham "multiplex" come down and boogie.

As always you can message/comment me for cheaplist

EDU K-Gatas Gatas Gatas (Crookers remix)

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Made in Colour

I'm feeling the new "Made in Colour" DM boots with the coloured soles. Not sure if I could get away with wearing them. Size five Dr Martens be looking like crazed sized tens on me.

Friday, 4 July 2008


So...last night was the launch of touch and here are the pictures to accompany it. It was a shame to find out that Plus One only does production in Jack Beats and none of the djing.
Having said that Beni G did THE BEST mix I have ever heard into cockney thug, without the usual-loop the talking etc etc so watch out for those guys cos they are slyly hectic.

Big Ben

lady bebe looking like pocahontas

hold tight FOOD boys

Japanese Popstars

Also I will be in Swasiland next week so watch out for the pictures circa 19th July

Thursday, 3 July 2008

A film to watch before you die...

... Is Robert Bresson's A Man Escaped.

There are no special effects, no gore, no hair raising background music... For the most part of the film, there is only the one main character, Fontaine, in a cell with his spoon and his thoughts. But put it like this... I have never had to pause a film to calm down and catch my breath before.

The film is a true story based on the experience of a resistance fighter called Andr
é Devigny (Fontaine in the film) in Nazi occupied France during the Second World War. He is arrested, imprisoned and then sentenced to death. Whilst he locked up, he devises a plan to escape using the materials he has in his cell and meticulous attention to detail.

I am in awe of Bresson's ability to create such a compelling, gripping piece of work with such simple resources. There are colossal, $200 million plus budget blockbusters I have seen including endless special effects, digital editing and the most qualified, experienced actors which have not evoked in me nearly the reaction that Bresson was able to in A Man Escaped. With a couple of amateur actors and a tiny budget, he has created a cinematic masterpiece and that in my opinion this film embodies the true art of directing. A must see!