Sunday, 27 July 2008

A Freeness Affair

A really, really good night. Dangerous amounts of free booze floating around the place. Buraka set was a highlight for moi. Wish I could have seen the venue when it was empty to peep the pieces on the walls. My camera let me down after the two dire enough pictures I took, but had it not then my photography skills would have done so, as usual:

It was nice to see lots of smiley, friendly people. Whoever has visited the Dirty Cash exhibition at the Flawless gallery will know why I was worried it would be a super pretentious affair.

Photo documentation from more competent bloggers:


THE BROWNIES- in full effect.

Fully kitted out venues are so overrated! More nights on top floors of warehouses, regardless of inferno room temperatures.


ben said...

I look quite choong. bruv i swear to god there was sweat fog!!!

Cath said...

hey girl i got a wrong number of you!
i hope u read this in time and we can sort out something for tonight..
my english number is 07903385233

Elle Bee said...



no creeedit... what a sorry state.

Del "D-Y-D" said...

i was skeptical about the crowd too, after going to the gallery.
i walked past it like twice saying: "this can't be the place" the staff looked as though Graffiti would be their kryptonite)

Anonymous said...

the brownies are hottttttttt