Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Michael Jackson is dead.

No shit Sherlock. Why are all these mofos rejoicing?! Why has it taken his death for people to acknowledge his importance in music and the HUGE impact he has made on so many lives. Oh and also fuck all the conspiracies and all the shit about 'the promoters', 'the O2' and 'bo selecta' killing MJ. Get a fucking grip and have a little respect. Aside from all the shit that has been aired on the TV channels; from documentaries about his life that were whipped up and put up within a day of him dying, to MJ's greatest hits on rewind on all the music channels, one programme has actually really impressed me and I suggest you all listen to it. Seani B has done an hour of mashups using MJ beats and vocals over some real cool tracks. Listen to it here. Skip to around 2 hours into the show
Seani B

I don't really want to speculate, but what I will say is this. No one will ever, ever take MJ's place in music, no one will outsell his records . Our taste has become too diverse, our attention spans have shrunk, our 'choice' has expanded to an extent where it will be impossible for a collective to choose the same thing as they did back in MJ's hayday. RIP.

Monday, 29 June 2009

Ride or die

Long time, I know. Old, but I can't stop bumping this at the moment so I thought I'd share it with you...

Out to my boy xxx

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Deadly Riddim

Had the first DR in East for a while, heavy night, good vibes. Shame Coki didn't show, although he was nice enough to let us know 39 minutes before his set..

We got Chef to boost over from Croydon to Old Street in record time to replace him, SMASHED it!

The Oneman//Tomb Crew B2B was insane in the brain.

Next month:

expect shit like this

and check Joker's Sonar mix here


Went down to mega on thursday, shame Zinc cancelled but it was still a good night, Count and Sinden played a heavy set shame Glastonbury had hoovered the shoreditch punters up.


is the name of my driver.
(still in Malawi)

he likes Lionel Richie.

Yes, that does mean where ever he drives you he will listen to Lionel. But also he SINGS!!!

So this morn (its 6.45am here) I bailed on the club as I have worked at a fashion show this evening and am knackared (and lazy) so called on Selemani to do his job. So he was right there waiting to drive me home. Got home. No keys. Drove back to club. Jager bomb. Drive back. He skips to 'easy like Sunday Morning'.

Then we go past this:

mist on a dam.


Just made some toast.

Missing the ladies (and le bebe) so so bad.


Friday, 26 June 2009

Bears Cave

Paul Coudamy is a designer who, looking at his other work, has never had a good or original idea (office made out of cardboard anyone?), but then he came up with this. Simply nailing pieces of unwanted and scrap wood one on top of the other to create this 'cave' effect. I think it looks awesome, and I can guarantee that if I tried it it would look like total shit.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009



the tortoise - currently unnamed but i think albert would work.

anyway. both of these were saved from the road. maria was hurt so she was bought home and albert was just in the middle of the road so he probably would have been really hurt. maria just roams the garden and seems pretty happy but albert has a tiny little section... tbh i think he's meant to be hibernating but anyway i thought i'd let him out to roam a bit. and now...

maria is bewildered! she's following him around and poking him with her hoof. i think they're friends now.
albert is on his 3rd lap of the garden. i dont think he knows how to take a corner... he keeps on trying to climb the walls. i dont think it's gonna happen but i'm watching him just incase.


Last Ever Metros Gig

You have to be there, right?

Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Took this picture on my phone on Saturday. It's Blur playing a friends and family matinee show at Brixton Academy that I was lucky enough to have a ticket for. It was surreal enough to be in a half if not mostly empty Brixton Academy, let alone the fact that Blur were playing their full 2 and a half hour set that they're playing at Glastonbury, with the full light show, let ALONE the fact that Phil Daniels came on stage for Parklife. It was incredible. Do any/every thing you can to get a Glasto ticket or tickets to Hyde Park. You dont realise until 2 hours in of knowing every single word how massive and important this band really is, and they still have the energy and the balls that they always did (song 2 was truly ferocious)...

Monday, 22 June 2009

Ukey Love

As mentioned a while ago, I was going down to the Uke fest to shake my booty. What an awesome day it was. Unfortunately didn't meet the 'hot uke playin' laydeez as promised but still... The record for most Uke's played has been broken, with something like 839 playaz banging out Sloop John B. Here are the pictures:

The Fleas banging it out

Rufus=Original badaman

After the record:

The view from Devonshire Square:

I wanted to go see Blur tonight, but as time ticks, it seems more and more unlikely

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Still Hungry

We went down to the brainfeeder party to check joker and gaslamp who both destroyed it and actually showed up both Kode 9 and Flying Lotus. Really regretting not taking my camera, it was a heavy night, I checked the vids of the Barcelona party the night before where there were apparently 8000 people. In the vid FlyLo looks raw, but last night apart from playing tealeaf dancers, he just played the most obscure, left field beats for 45 minutes. Which in a way I shouldn't be surprised or too dissapointed about. But it just felt a bit 'consistent'.

Kode 9 played a kind of stubborn 'to educate' set (off a laptop with midi controls!!!!) and I get the whole 'don't want to play wobble' malarkey cos I don't want to hear it. But at least play some tunes. You have a whole labels worth (arguably the finest at the moment) of music at your disposal yet as well as loads of your own bangers....Maybe it was because spaceape wanted to talk ambiently over the beats? I don't know but I want the old Kode 9 back. He just didn't seem to enjoy it at all and It just felt a little too serious

On the other hand we had Gaslamp Killer, who is probably my favourite artist at the moment and a real nice guy as well. If you haven't seen him live or seen videos of him djing, I suggest you check this video out and also download his wemakeitgood mix. That is the kind of crazy shit he was doing last night. No boundaries, just stripped down raw beats with some cool OG vibes all over.

Overall a heavy night at a wicked place, shame the beer ran out and we left before we could see Benji B. Joker and El-B are playing at Deadly Rhythm on the 25th July @ The Legion on Old St, so come check! Also I will edit the post if I can find some good pictures from the night.

Got Got Need

On Thursday, our man Ollie is putting on another GGN so come down and boogie!

Friday, 19 June 2009

elephants moving out.

different experience. these are digi photos that i've shot just for you all. one's to be processed at home will be mad!

very early start. 3am. got there at 6am. urgh.

so we got there. met all the IFAW crew and some guys from National Geographic. I was very unprofesh and took a chance to kip in the car. tut tut. anyway, theres a helicopter zooming around trying to separate the herd (approx. 65 wild elephants) and when successful they shot them with elephant tranquiliser from the sky.

so suddendly we're moving and voila!
snoozy snoozy.

some of the elephants were too big for their doses of tranquillisers and tried to get up. when this happened this was the answer:
clever clogs me touched one of the tranquilliser darts and was told i could be dead within two minutes. my hand went a bit numb, which was nice.

anyway, so they were all successfully loaded on to trucks and driven to the big tanks they were being transported in.

all of them were well looked after.

then when in the big tank they were given the antidote to their tranquillisers and:

wakey wakey elephants. they pee'd loads when they woke up.

when all 9 were loaded, off they went.

so the news of this all happening obvs spread like wild fire which resulted in people from various villages RUNNING to see them. they were more impressed by the helicopter. seriously, thousands of people RUNNING down the one tarmac road to see. babies running and all. amazing.

the elephants should be happy in their new home in the south of Malawi now, which I reckon is about 4 hours drive from where they were. This is in a national park where they will be far away from civilisation meaning that they wont kill any more people by accident, or get in trouble with any more farmers for ruining all of their crops.

thanks to IFAW for making this happen and letting me take photos. and the national geographic guys for also being cas about it.


p.s. permission required use of any photographs. tho really if you want any they will be the film ones so hang in.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Major Taser

Just saw a clip of police brutality over on bntl and remembered this vid I saw a while ago. Not sure if everyone on the web has seen it or not. Either way it is a laugh, its a bit like watching trisha. Basically its this stupid ass mother who refuses to put his garms on and he gets tasered. When you see the clip you will notice that his dick:balls ratio is more like knuckle:fist, now if you were packin a pickle would you get naked and spread the love?

Naked Wizard Tased By Reality from Tracy Anderson on Vimeo.

Best of boat shoe

Nike SB Stefan Janoski boat shoes... Why haven't I seen more of these?! Please boys.

London Town


Undergraduate art

"A platform for the emerging artists, the Goldsmiths 2009 Undergraduate Degree Show will showcase a broad spectrum of work by students graduating from BA Hons Textiles, BA Hons Fine Art, and BA Hons Fine Art and History of Art. Dealing with the minutiae of life as well as more fundamental issues, exhibits will include a broad spectrum such as photography, sculpture, painting, digital media and performance."

Goldsmiths • Art • Exhibitions • 2009


Private View
18 June 6-9pm

Open to Public
19 - 22 June
10am - 5pm
except Sun 12 - 4pm

Thursday, 11 June 2009

first day of winter

in malawi yesterday. this is what it looked like where i was at around 5ish (sun goes down early!).

to the left:
to the right:

my accom:

my bed:

my front room, from upstairs balcony where my bed was:

kids from the next beach, cuties. one of them took this. i taught them something new!.. they thought my camera was a gun....
back to the lake tomorrow! should be fun. friends are djing tmro and sat but i have a load of girls to photograph. only a few weeks left!


huh magazine

huh magazine is really good and i managed to get an accrobeau link in there so yeah

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Tiga Tiga Tiga

To Catch a Predator

This show is so amazing, if you haven't seen it before basically its a ridiculous American hidden camera show where they get pedophiles from myspace to turn up at a house to get it on with a 13 year old girl, then they arrest them. This one is amazing cos it is a police officer who is the pedo and they taser him and he screams like a little girl (bad comparison). best bit after 5 mins but watch it all.

sam bw can dance


has just got that much better
and shes got hardcore swagger

I couldn't find any pictures of her looking nice and dressed so sorry girls

gonna get back to work now
maybe take some pictures soon

Ive started listening to him

and him

in between bursts of revision
oh and the new taking back sunday album is awesome

If you haven't seen it yet...

The videos never dissappoint me but shame about the shitty song. Love this B movie styled number now that I've seen this final cut...

As for Rihanna's underwear. Coveted.

Get your spanx out

I spy cycling shorts! How fun...

Monday, 8 June 2009

say hello...

...to the UNDERTAKER!

Friday, 5 June 2009


Me on cameraman skills.

Thursday, 4 June 2009


all digi uploads atm. not ideal but efficient.

gooner takeover - at the africa invest feeding programme

farm workers - happy to see me cz they probably thought I was a prozzie as only prozzies wear denim in rural areas... i wasnt told this until today. thanks guys.

kids running along after the truck waving :)

sun setting on our drive back from the farms.