Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Michael Jackson is dead.

No shit Sherlock. Why are all these mofos rejoicing?! Why has it taken his death for people to acknowledge his importance in music and the HUGE impact he has made on so many lives. Oh and also fuck all the conspiracies and all the shit about 'the promoters', 'the O2' and 'bo selecta' killing MJ. Get a fucking grip and have a little respect. Aside from all the shit that has been aired on the TV channels; from documentaries about his life that were whipped up and put up within a day of him dying, to MJ's greatest hits on rewind on all the music channels, one programme has actually really impressed me and I suggest you all listen to it. Seani B has done an hour of mashups using MJ beats and vocals over some real cool tracks. Listen to it here. Skip to around 2 hours into the show
Seani B

I don't really want to speculate, but what I will say is this. No one will ever, ever take MJ's place in music, no one will outsell his records . Our taste has become too diverse, our attention spans have shrunk, our 'choice' has expanded to an extent where it will be impossible for a collective to choose the same thing as they did back in MJ's hayday. RIP.