Sunday, 21 June 2009

Still Hungry

We went down to the brainfeeder party to check joker and gaslamp who both destroyed it and actually showed up both Kode 9 and Flying Lotus. Really regretting not taking my camera, it was a heavy night, I checked the vids of the Barcelona party the night before where there were apparently 8000 people. In the vid FlyLo looks raw, but last night apart from playing tealeaf dancers, he just played the most obscure, left field beats for 45 minutes. Which in a way I shouldn't be surprised or too dissapointed about. But it just felt a bit 'consistent'.

Kode 9 played a kind of stubborn 'to educate' set (off a laptop with midi controls!!!!) and I get the whole 'don't want to play wobble' malarkey cos I don't want to hear it. But at least play some tunes. You have a whole labels worth (arguably the finest at the moment) of music at your disposal yet as well as loads of your own bangers....Maybe it was because spaceape wanted to talk ambiently over the beats? I don't know but I want the old Kode 9 back. He just didn't seem to enjoy it at all and It just felt a little too serious

On the other hand we had Gaslamp Killer, who is probably my favourite artist at the moment and a real nice guy as well. If you haven't seen him live or seen videos of him djing, I suggest you check this video out and also download his wemakeitgood mix. That is the kind of crazy shit he was doing last night. No boundaries, just stripped down raw beats with some cool OG vibes all over.

Overall a heavy night at a wicked place, shame the beer ran out and we left before we could see Benji B. Joker and El-B are playing at Deadly Rhythm on the 25th July @ The Legion on Old St, so come check! Also I will edit the post if I can find some good pictures from the night.

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