Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Dollop vs ICA

Dance School is on Saturday night at the ICA, here is what they have to say for themselves -

"Conceived by dollop & The Institute Of Contemporary Art, Dance School > Lesson 1, will be an exploration into some of the aspects that make-up the rich culture of dance music.

As society indulges in nostalgia, revisiting disco, 90s hip-hop, UK garage, Balearic tropicalia and all will guide us toward this century’s forthcoming musical movements. Curated by multiple promoters the event will represent aspects from dance music culture past & present and will also feature an ever-evolving salon where you the ticketholder get to discuss, debate and draw your own personal highs and lows in the wonderful world that has been UK nightlife to date.

This event will be the only point in the year during which the entire ICA building is turned into a nightclub with a distinct focus on well-selected music and good times, backed with the cultural commentary expected from a place of such repute."

and here is what I have to say -

I have never had anything but a blinding time at the ICA or at a Dollop hosted event. This night runs 10 till 4 and is going to be a blinder with some of the biggest promoters in London chipping in - COCADISCO, WORK IT, NIGHT TRAIN and RINSE FM. This is not to be missed.

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