Saturday, 28 June 2008


Those of you who did not reach Deadly Rhythm's night last night at Amersham definitely missed out. Live set from Tomb Crew as usual, missed P Money, Chipmunk no show, Rusko- MASSIVE, and a blast from my past D&B set from Paddy (DJ Paste).

Some fine photography to illustrate the night:

After party was live at the bus stop with a couple of New Cross' BADDESTboys. Safe to Ed, Szjer and Rhys for mediating the situation and calming a hysterical "half- caste bitch" down.

There are more pictures of the night on the DEADLY RHYTHM MYSPACE

Friday, 27 June 2008


Fair enough that Kidulthood is no cinematic masterpiece and I wasn't expecting much more from Adulthood, but I have read the reviews and I don't think critics did the film justice for what it did well and how it evolved since the prequel two years ago. The storyline is more focused than before- Sam is out of prison six years after the night at the party, and is trying to settle things with Trife's avengers- which means that altogether it is a lot more intense than Kidulthood's with it's four of five subplots. Noel Clarke, director and Sam, was able to zoom in on Sam's character and his remorse and determination to break the cycle of violence without at all being too sugar coated. Sam is still cool to deal a good few blows where needed and almost resorts to his trusty baseball bat again to get things done. Without saying too much, I think the film does show the ongoing cycle of violence. The end of the film provides short relief and some hope in the forming of a friendship but otherwise it is a doomy and gloomy and tense film. The costumes are on point, the language is more realistic and the cinematography has come on in leaps and bounds since Kidulthood. Entertaining. Go see.

Bashy - Kidulthood to Adulthood

Zapatos del Barco

Although for me none of the new boat shoes that have come out this year beat the ones by Lanvin, I think the Vans Spring/ Summer collection, Zapato del Barco (boat shoes) come out on top, especially for those who do not want to abandon sneaker style footwear- and those with a budget.
Billionaire Boys Club's boat shoes are decent too, I like the Americana league style logo, but I dare you to fork out BBC prices when you can bag the Vans at $55.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Mash SF

Check out the intro from the forthcoming vid, Mash San Fran
these guys are avin it large,

If you get a chance to pick up Fixed magazine do so (

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Blue borough this weekend

This weekend, huge line up (again) courtesy of Deadly Rhythm.

Then if you are still in the area, Havelock Walk, Forest Hill, has it's open studios this week on the 28th and 29th. For the not locals, Havelock Walk is a cobbled lane off London Road opposite the Capitol and all the residents are artists, photographers, sculptors, designers, craftspeople etc... Once or twice a year, they all open their studios and exhibit their work. Visit it if you can, it's like a mini art festival in FH.


Aged 13 - Gelling my hair in a pattern to my face and hitting Deptford market for that "genuine" Louis Vuitton colour bag with all the money I saved up from working in the hairdresser once a week for £3 an hour.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Malick The Marvelous Malian

The Tate Modern's latest attempt to try and look trendy and try not to overwhelm people with dodgy modern art is the Street & Studio: An Urban History Of Photography. The "street art" show we went to see a few weeks back was underwhelming to say the least, so i didn't bother to drop by this to this one. i did however see that the have a photo on display by Malian born Malick Sidibe who spent the 60's and 70's documenting the youth culture of north Africa.
Put down the AirMax, step away from the boombox and take note of some serious African steas..
Monsieur Dembele, Secret Agent, 1964

Friends Of The Spanish, 1968

Regardez Moi, 1962

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Sneaker Freakers

Well done Mr. Whore Who Never Learns for making it onto Current TV's season of programmes on UK social tribes, with his docu on the sneaker culture.

How exciting! And what a really good little insight into the sharply coined sole obsession afflicting more and more crazy (wealthy) cats out there these days.

You can catch it on Sky 193 or Virgin media 155.

Monday, 9 June 2008

Gap year

Try and stop me going to Coachella, California 2009 when this year's line up looked like this... No comments on my music taste please thankyou! Bait is the new black.


Boy, I'm not your substitute no more

Estelle looking and sounding great in my opinion, and doing it for the UK. I haven't heard the album but I take it she has abandoned her old MC? style stuff- all the same I like her new sound. The video/ mobile phone advert is good too if a little shameless. And nice cameo from Kelly Roland.

Estelle- No Substitute Love

Friday, 6 June 2008

Prize Winner

I got this letter in the post and I got SO haps before I saw it said example only, I started spending it in my head... That new little Fiat with the italian flag as racing stripes, macbook air, GHDs, videocamera, SLR, Benicassim ticket... They want me to send back the pink slip thing at the top to win £250,000... What could be the worst that could happen? Readers Digest aren't going to rinse me!?

I only heard about Adele about a week or two ago, and HypeM the week before that (thanks Alex). Better late than never...

Adele - Cold Shoulder (Rusko Remix)

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Only in the dark

I heard this Macy Gray track featuring. What a dissappointing and shameless come back tactic by Macy Gray. She still has sick vocals but i'm not feeling her singing those depraved lyrics over that boring beat. And the collaboration with The Game distresses me so much. It's not big, clever or sexy Macy sort it out and try again.

Lowest points include:

The Game in general.

The Game- "I'm the new 50 Cent."

Macy Gray- "You got a swagger like you can f**k, I'm here to twist you don't want your heart, I'm only going to see you baby in the dark."

I should hope it is very dark if the pam in question is either Macy Gray or The Game.

Macy Gray featuring The Game - Only In The Dark

Monday, 2 June 2008

American Apparel x Sheri Barclay

I've seen this American Apparel photo print tee and I liked it because it had a list of the girl's top ten favourite food on the back but I didn't buy it because 1. I'm poorer than you could ever imagine and 2. I don't know who the girl is.

So. I found out and she is called Sheri Barclay and she does her own radio show that you can listen to here: She also does art exhibitions and takes photos, some of which I like:

"I get paid once in awhile but I think photography is really oversaturated as a thing to do.Who gives a shit that you took a good picture anybody can do it."

But, what I was really getting at and what I actually only really liked about the tee, was that it had a list of food on the back and made me want to think what would I put on the back of my own tee... So I did.

Top 10 according to Elle Bee... (in no well thought out order )/ Elle Bee's procrastination from revision.

1.Canneloni stuffed with Ricotta and Spinach.

2.Fried Calamari.

3.Old El Paso Chicken Fajitas.

4.Lamb Saag.

5.Pizza from the little pizza place behind my Nonna's apartment in Naples, Italy that is hard to eat because it is so sloppy.

6.Jacket Potatoes.

7.Salad with lots of Lemon and Olive Oil on it.


9.Curry Goat made by my Grandma.

10.Peppered Shrimps.

Bérangère Claire

Those who know me know that unfortunately I am often strictly boring when it comes to getting dressed, with regards to colour, shape, fabric... I really like this brand I came across because it does boring bangin. Those that know me also know I am a bit of a Francophile so being a French brand means it gets added kudos from me. Even so it seems to have an Englishness about it, a la Fred Perry, but not because of the American uni style logo. So eloquently put!

Sunday, 1 June 2008

The Real Baile Funk

I'm sure many of you trendy kids thought dancing to baile funk in your comfortable shoreditch venues was and even still is cool. I would agree totally and I like the fact that its still being played out over this OTT dubstep hype. Thats right I said it and I'm proud, YES its good, yes every Rusko tune makes every one of your organs want to jump out and duck for cover BUT (and a very big butt) there is only so much one can take before being fed up and it's only a matter of time at every dub night you go to before the same tune or a similar one starts getting played.

Back to the title of the post, check out how it really goes down in Brazil at their funky shindigs and then start chatting about how "me and my manz was on road....."

Baile Indiana Jones track rework

Gender Confused

Lanvin Boat Shoes... WOW! Now I wish I was a boy with $1,230 at my disposal.

I am sorry to have taken this directly from

If I was a boy...

...I think i'd either be this guy or Trevor Nelson. I bet his jeans are a bit rolled up at the bottom and that he has the banginest pair of brogues on. He was listening to Jamiroquai when he got asked to take this picture, and he was on his way to a little shop his friend told him about that sells good books for his interior design course... But he is not gay, don't think that.

Floral Crep

I keep seeing pictures of these Floral Liberty Pack crep everywhere. I think the concept is terrible- trying to make sneakers feminine by throwing some pink and flowers on it does not work. If a girl wants to be really girly and feminine she wont be rocking a big old clumpy dunk high top boot. Nike (and Vans) needs to stop being silly and just make sure that all their crep comes in smaller sizes so girls can wear them.

These Air Force 1's are an abomination. They are an insult to my eyes.

GIRLS if air rifts were not disgusting enough for you already, hold tight for SPARKLY air rifts- set to be released June 2nd.

Who was it that thought any one would want their big toe to be separated from the rest of their toes?!

Buff Stuff

Roots Manuva, Buff Nuff. Another bangin track produced by Toddla T.