Friday, 27 June 2008


Fair enough that Kidulthood is no cinematic masterpiece and I wasn't expecting much more from Adulthood, but I have read the reviews and I don't think critics did the film justice for what it did well and how it evolved since the prequel two years ago. The storyline is more focused than before- Sam is out of prison six years after the night at the party, and is trying to settle things with Trife's avengers- which means that altogether it is a lot more intense than Kidulthood's with it's four of five subplots. Noel Clarke, director and Sam, was able to zoom in on Sam's character and his remorse and determination to break the cycle of violence without at all being too sugar coated. Sam is still cool to deal a good few blows where needed and almost resorts to his trusty baseball bat again to get things done. Without saying too much, I think the film does show the ongoing cycle of violence. The end of the film provides short relief and some hope in the forming of a friendship but otherwise it is a doomy and gloomy and tense film. The costumes are on point, the language is more realistic and the cinematography has come on in leaps and bounds since Kidulthood. Entertaining. Go see.

Bashy - Kidulthood to Adulthood

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the choon is wack.