Sunday, 1 June 2008

The Real Baile Funk

I'm sure many of you trendy kids thought dancing to baile funk in your comfortable shoreditch venues was and even still is cool. I would agree totally and I like the fact that its still being played out over this OTT dubstep hype. Thats right I said it and I'm proud, YES its good, yes every Rusko tune makes every one of your organs want to jump out and duck for cover BUT (and a very big butt) there is only so much one can take before being fed up and it's only a matter of time at every dub night you go to before the same tune or a similar one starts getting played.

Back to the title of the post, check out how it really goes down in Brazil at their funky shindigs and then start chatting about how "me and my manz was on road....."

Baile Indiana Jones track rework


BreY said...

Probidao is some hardcore shit :)

Anonymous said...

you've probably only heard cockney thug, mr chips and 2NAQ cos if you check out tracks like jahova, love is real and that there a lot more 2steppy and chilled out and without the basslines of those other tunes. and if you listen to stuff like digital mystiks, applblim, kode 9, burial you'll realise that theres a lot more atmospheric more heavily dubby tracks. basically theres a lot more to dubstep than you give it credit for here and personally the repitive brazillian mcs and constant jarring samples and snare rolls is a lot more annoying!

Deadly Rhythm said...

I know what your saying and Im not uneducated in dubstep, I had Kode 9 a couple of weeks ago and have rusko in a couple of weeks which you are very welcome to come to :) so thats not really the issue and I appreciate what they do a lot but a lot of those guys are so tight with their tracks and tend to keep it in very small circles. I just have a feeling that there are a lot of people that are just hyping dubstep into some huge thing and although the likes of FWD and DMZ have done some wicked things, a lot of people dont really know what its about and just like it because they know its very now and still "underground" to an extent. And yer the music in that vid was poor but a lot of other guys like Edu K and Sandrihno are doing some really good things.

Anonymous said...

This is such a scene blog.
You think by saying that dubstep is overly hyped makes you feel big!
You are probably someone that only goes to shoreditch and by going to favela chic and listening to Bailefunk makes you special.
Bailefunk has been around for ages and I hate it how these cats like you try and beg on the scene. You probably have only 2 bailefunk tracks in your itunes!

Elle Bee said...

yeah im a shoreditch regular! only been to favela chic once though and they werent playing baile funk