Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Only in the dark

I heard this Macy Gray track featuring. What a dissappointing and shameless come back tactic by Macy Gray. She still has sick vocals but i'm not feeling her singing those depraved lyrics over that boring beat. And the collaboration with The Game distresses me so much. It's not big, clever or sexy Macy sort it out and try again.

Lowest points include:

The Game in general.

The Game- "I'm the new 50 Cent."

Macy Gray- "You got a swagger like you can f**k, I'm here to twist you don't want your heart, I'm only going to see you baby in the dark."

I should hope it is very dark if the pam in question is either Macy Gray or The Game.

Macy Gray featuring The Game - Only In The Dark

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