Thursday, 12 June 2008

Malick The Marvelous Malian

The Tate Modern's latest attempt to try and look trendy and try not to overwhelm people with dodgy modern art is the Street & Studio: An Urban History Of Photography. The "street art" show we went to see a few weeks back was underwhelming to say the least, so i didn't bother to drop by this to this one. i did however see that the have a photo on display by Malian born Malick Sidibe who spent the 60's and 70's documenting the youth culture of north Africa.
Put down the AirMax, step away from the boombox and take note of some serious African steas..
Monsieur Dembele, Secret Agent, 1964

Friends Of The Spanish, 1968

Regardez Moi, 1962


DanFodio said...

we dont get down like they used to.
nice post

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