Sunday, 1 June 2008

Floral Crep

I keep seeing pictures of these Floral Liberty Pack crep everywhere. I think the concept is terrible- trying to make sneakers feminine by throwing some pink and flowers on it does not work. If a girl wants to be really girly and feminine she wont be rocking a big old clumpy dunk high top boot. Nike (and Vans) needs to stop being silly and just make sure that all their crep comes in smaller sizes so girls can wear them.

These Air Force 1's are an abomination. They are an insult to my eyes.

GIRLS if air rifts were not disgusting enough for you already, hold tight for SPARKLY air rifts- set to be released June 2nd.

Who was it that thought any one would want their big toe to be separated from the rest of their toes?!


Anonymous said...

i dont mind those floral creps i know what you mean about being bulky though. and A LLOW those sparkly ones man errh.

Anonymous said...

thats me by the way. sophie

BreY said...

I agree, companies need to use their minds properly, this shit looks tacky. Just make trainers starting from size 3.

Rachie-Pie said...

I agree! I am sooo over them rite about now! They just trying to keep with the trends this summer and the trend being floral....!and also that movie IS NOT A COMEDY!

ben said...

I think separating your big toe the rest of your toes is good, cause it sticks out like a sore thumb. I write for Ricky Gervais.