Saturday, 5 January 2008

"Protect Ya Neck"

Hit Doctors Orders, Tea rooms and the Old blue. A relatively low-quality, unproductive night. Old blue has a strictly Wu-tang music policy apparently, of which i can do nothing but support whole heartedly. Its ironic how gems are usually found in the most unpredictable places. Doctors orders decided to play nothing but female vocaled funk and soul whilst old blue served us with a much needed portion of "Protect Ya Neck".

Might catch me in some faded evisu's and w)taps chukkas

W)taps seem to have gained some kind of cult following. Everywhere i go i meet more W)taps wearers, all of which seem to be sternly serious about their w)taps appreciation and wearing. Understandable given id go as far as to argue these are the best Chukkas ever made! Yes, ever made! And thats a big statement considering the lifetime of the Chukka.

If i'm ever to escalate this blog into anything respectable ill have to cop myself a camera sooner or later. Until then enjoy the Sony-Ericson 5 megapixel mayhem.

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theo said...

Shirt is nice bruv where you hit that up?