Monday, 26 May 2008



Roc money said...

I'm sorry but this chick needs help. Look at her from a couple of years ago, great voice great figure.

Now, just great voice on a crack head...Shes nothing special anymore, i can get a dozen of her when i go back to 125th or Lexington Ave in Harlem.

What a fucking waste. And please, no one should idolize her till she gets the help she needs. We're not doing her much good by applauding her appalling behavior.

BreY said...

Epic Lawlz "i can get a dozen of her when i go back to 125th or Lexington Ave in Harlem."
Still bump frank and back to black till this very day though.

Elle Bee said...

Hmm I agree... but her personal lifestyle and habits shouldnt have to bring her talent into question.

At the end of the day she is SELF- destructing -a little more publicy than necessary sometimes- but there are other artist out there who are basically fully endorsed and encouraged whose behaviour is vile, unacceptable and affects others (R.Kelly, kiddy fiddler STOP BUYING HIS SHIT IF YOU EVER DID ANYWAY... Every other arse that brags about gun possession and drug dealing)

I do think there are lots of people that do idolize her for the wrong reasons, but apart from that she does undeniably have an original and unique style, and skip loads of talent.

What does get me alot are people who think being a fuck up makes you interesting, and idolize her for that. Those people need to put down the wraps, take their fingers out their throats and get an interest or a hobby.