Friday, 16 May 2008

Do the Right Thing

Rosie Perez in probably the best ever opening credits sequence?

If you aren't watching Do The Right thing for the iconic eighties' Bed-Stuy life then check it for the ending which has left me and mr.Accrobeau himself in a... heated discussion. I say the film is a portrait of the intolerance of different races within a community. The events and the riot at the end leave you feeling gutted for Sal and his pizza shop, because, until then Spike Lee works on Sal's character and makes us attatched to him (on purpose!)... and so the viewers feel against the violence a la Martin Luther King quote found at the end.

Who does that make sense to?!

Do the Right Thing Air Jordan Spizikes released last September. I'm not a fan.


Big Ron said...

Preach sister preach and YES it makes alot of sense

BreY said...

Ayo your Jordans are FUCKED UP...extremely great film, that's overlooked.

SHAR WAH! said...

FIGHT THE POWER! one of the best intros ever!