Tuesday, 21 April 2009

cudi x sxsw

this was a fun night in austin. at the mad decent party in a massive charity shop. you wish you were there.

so yeah he was really cool and excited. hung out and chatted for about half an hour. i think thats cz he thought me and abi had kro. the above was before he went on to do a unannounced appearance. crowd went mental for day and night and all the new stuff was banging. he tried to drag me up on stage. my teensyweensy skirt made me reluctant so i passed but then crept on to take these. bottom one is my fav - view large.

so yeah i sent them all over to him but i dont think he's on it cz since i sent them he hasnt got back in contact. ah well. tuff sheeeeet. (next project is malawi so hold tight for that haha.) might send them over to monster to see if they can use them. hmmm. any opinions?


p.s. all shot on the rollei as per.


Anonymous said...


Matthew Schnickens said...

Dope pics bonathon, but Cudi is truly a wasteman.

bonnie said...

thanks anon.
and whys he a waste shnicks?