Sunday, 12 April 2009

sxsw set 2/ day 2/ whatever

argh my belly feels horrible and my back space doesnt work. so annoying. so sorry about the dodgy spacing.. my lump hand just keeps on making massive gaps. anyway.

the morning after the night before. the naked photos would probably get me in less trouble but ahahahaha. miss you abi tundeh.

people were rolling out of the convention centre on these all the time. losers.

vivian girls were really good and had cute tattoos or milkshakes and burgers and stuff. made me feel a bit better about my shit tatt.

good tee (and tatt on the elbow. view large). vegetarians are rubbish. if we weren't meant to eat it it wouldnt taste so good.

hi 6th street.

this is my background on twitter. you cant see it tho for some reason, you just see the road signs which is kind of cool. add me

highway. bare cars.

abi and our friend kyle that we found at some irish pub. he looks like our guardian angel all in white and he really was. he took us round to all the wristband pickups so that we could get to all the free booze parties. then took us for dinner to this place called casuela's where all the waitresses couldnt speak english and the enchiladas were amaaaaazing.

graham coxon was really moody and moany and was f-in and blindin under his breath at the crowd, which earnt him a few more wish i could marry points.

then my film ran out and there weren't any art fag type's with t4's or g2's to ponce off like you find left right and centre in london. i was pissed. angry and very very very drunk.

til tomorrow. besos

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