Monday, 1 December 2008

Mutate Britain

Curtain road has been looking a bit different the last couple of weeks due to the opening of Mutate Britain at Corby House. Finally made it down their today and it didn't disapoint at all, when you walk in you are confrunted with the work of Jo Rush, who has been making different creations from scrap metal since the early 80's (when he also lived in a squat called the Apocalypse Hotel - sick) and he also name drops Banksy and Damien Hirst in the short doc you can watch about him. His work is awesome, and normally displayed at massive parties/raves where he says people normally have to come back the next day to check they weren't just completely out of their heads. As you go up the stairs there isn't an inch of wall space left un touched with a paint brush/biro/spray can, intricate patterns lead you from room to room where you might find Full size animatronic robots DJing and pole dancing to themselves, or live screen printing where you can buy the prints straight off the press. There was only one photographer I saw was on the very top floor, Elle Dunn, although the work I have found for her on line doesn't anywhere near do her highly photo-shopped horror scene images that she has on display justice.

The exhibition runs for another 3 weekends every fri/sat/sun and is certainly worth your time, its fucking free too.

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