Tuesday, 30 December 2008


Earlier this month I was introduced to lecool with a bang by way of their christmas party, BCN, which went down on a floor of a hotel "for couples". Think jacuzzi tubs and mirrors on ceilings, poster beds and soft porn, room bills being payed by the hour and not by the night- times that by free drink and heavyweight dj sets and a makeshift dancefloor.

Should you be travelling to one of the following cities in '09:...

Madrid, Lisbon, Amsterdam, London, Istanbul, Milan, Rome, Barcelona

...it may be worthwhile checking out the lecool city guidebooks or their weekly, online city guides which claim to "filter out the best exhibitions, movies, concerts & DJs as well as a careful selection of extraordinary bars, restaurants and other fine places".

Whilst not all of the things they suggest take my fancy, lecool provides an alternative selection of things to do than your average Rough Guide.


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Russ Tannen said...

yes, bang on the le cool e-mail out. Does occasionally recommend total shit on the club front, but the exhibition selections are awesome.