Sunday, 21 September 2008

Original faker

Can someone kindly explain to me why KAWS is allowed to rip off cartoons by drawing them dead, and get so much hype and the right to an exhibition (nicely entitiled Saturated because I am of his copycat shit) and a brand (also aptly entitled Original Fake)? Please don´t tell me it´s irony. You can´t pass off straight up copying plus a couple of crosses and a bone here and there as being ironic and therefore good. I just don´t get or feel it.

But I can´t lie though, I do still like this t-shirt. Although it would be better without that boring, same old KAWS dumb, dead worm.



Anonymous said...

Maybe do some actual research first and find out why he's popular?

Elle Bee said...

well why dont you just tell me?

G.iN.g said...

bare likin the smurfs ;) x