Tuesday, 16 September 2008

My Yashica QUARTZ

Ben, Aaron and Alex at my leaving birthday do:

Lizzie a.k.a Lezzie a.k.a Lesbo
Aaron holding posies on my birthday at New Cross Gate! AAAW! But don´t ramp, he is a badman for true.

Alex looking buff at my birthday/ leaving
Chaz is vex because half his face is missing
Ed on the nightbus!
Surgie at Amersham on my last night in London...
Surgie and his "fixie" on Southbank... Haha sorry Alex, fixed gear.
Much love for my Yashica QUARTZ


Beefcake said...


Anonymous said...

whoever 'chaz' is, he look like some fucked up child/sailor/rapist hybrid. and not in a positive or cool way