Saturday, 6 September 2008

Sam Walker

So while the rest of the world is swimming around the site at Bestival, i'll be spending the weekend manning the till at Sam Walker, a little clothes shop in Covent Garden. It's just me here so I'll be mainly playing loads of electro and confusing all the "mods" that come in.

The shop used to be on Neal Street and made all it's own leathers, shoes, shirts etc... there is a few bits left that they are still trying to sell off that are absolutely amazing, if you happen to have size 6 feet you could come and get some sick shoes. It also used to be the only shop in Covent Garden where you could buy Fred Perry, and the owner still has the same agreement with them so they still get nice Fred Perry stuff in.

Anyway, if you're in central at all over the weekend come in and say hello, I'm allowed to "haggle" so if you fancy a new Fred Perry or a funny t-shirt (slogans include the classic "easy fuck" and "i heart sheep") i'm sure I can come up with a good deal.

In other news, if you're near a TV I'll be on a couple of the bits for the e4 music re-launch this weekend, so watch that if you fancy seeing me doing a link with Harry from McFly. sweet.

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