Thursday, 18 September 2008

did anyone else forget?

Why is it that during the Olympics we are totally bombarded with every result we get in every ridiculous made up sport? Maybe I havent been paying enough attention to the news, but it completely passed me by that the Para-Olympics have just happened, and we came SECOND. That's right, we even beat the United States. Well done our Para-Olympic team! Hopefully in 4 years time we'll pay just as much attention to the Para games, which in many ways are more inspiring and/or fun to watch anyway.


Elle Bee said...

I really agree.

A para-olympic medal is worth four olympic medals in respect of the extra confidence and determination it must take to overcome a disablity and compete!

Congratulations again teams GB! And doubley congrats for beating the yanks!

slippy* said...

i even flicked past the para games on some budget sky channel not one person has heard of. really should be broadcasted better and more attention paid.