Monday, 8 September 2008

Music Monday

The Raveonettes are giving away the first of 4 free EP's today... "The Raveonettes Remixed" features remixes (surprise surprise) from 80KIDZ, Nic Endo and Trentemoller, and after one listen of each i'd say the Trentemoller track is the best, but whatever, it's free, go here to get it.

Also, people seem to be going absolutely ape about the Justice track that they did for a Dior Homme show, it's called Planisphere and you can get it via
Ohh! Crapp. Mine is still downloading so I can't give you any clues on if I think it's any good or not, but some of the comments on Ohh! Crapp include "FUCKING EPIC. My god, I've had this on a loop for what may actually be near 48 hours now." - which I'm sure translates in reality to something like "There's violins! I've listened to this 3 times!"

I like
this remix of Lykke Li's track Dance Dance Dance too.

Any ideas for the end of the world party yet?


Elle Bee said...

im going to see lykke li and crystals castles play at razzmatazz in barcy this mooonth


That Justice track is relentless, I like the guitar solo at the end, dropped one two air solos to it already on a mad one. Good post man!