Sunday, 23 August 2009

deadly rhythm @ the legion

queue said it all from the start

nice set from nick tomb crew to warm everyone up

followed by oneman/brackles b2b. sky high standard as always.

then some mentalist....

... that everyone went bonkers for.

things got a bit heated.

REALLY heated for some**.

"fuck-tion 1" wasnt ready.

some people got really excited,

and for others it was all a bit too much.

WOW is all i can say. that was an experience. (got shouted at in the kebab shop and all..) if you missed out tonight (last night?) make sure you catch the gaslamp killer tomorrow (tonight?) at fwd @plastic people. if you haven't seen oneman or brackles yet you should just hate your life.

**thanks miles for the flash lend :)... always need a guiding hand when working digi but i think i caught the essence of the night ok.

&pat on the back for me for posting so quickly.


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Elle Bee said...

pissed i missed this xxxx