Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Whats my age again?

On Sunday I took my sister to underage festival and surprisingly got in! although whilst walking around I had children pointing and saying I looked to old to be there, it was like primary school all over again

Ended up in the topman tent to watch caspa, rusko and plastician only to meet my sister again who was bewildered that her "geek of a big brother" was listening to this "new cool, crazy sounding music" (she later asked me to put some plastecine man on her ipod), despite receiving numerous requests to go around taking pictures of attention seeking kids, the uncle nonce look was grating so I decided to bop. Although I did see Effy from skins and OMG....

Then went to my friends birthday party, where she had bands playing and all the usual birthday party goodness vibes going and despite missing another banging FWDit was great.

The last 2 pictures are of a wonderful new band called panda obscura, I suggest you check them here

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bonnie said...

should of come to fwd you knobend.

larves you